Conquer Our World, A Book, An Online App, Audible, by Andy Lee Graham

We can conquer our world, by making a decision to think different.

A Travel Strategy, For Cultural Fatigue

You paid $5,000 dollars for a 20-day trip to Europe, and your wife says, “I want to go home.” You say, “That’s illogical, we just arrived, what is wrong with you?” The answer is “Nothing.”

Add Money To Bank Countries - Strategies For Travel

When savings in your bank account grows monthly, one can travel the world perpetually. There are countries where it is easier to save money. Generally a surplus of cheap hotels.

An Example Of Travel Strategy Used On Trip To City of Tours, France For One Month

This page has videos explaining trip to the city of Tours, France from July 15, to August 15, 2016. Each video on the page is an example of strategy.

Avoid Culture Shock The Hide Travel Strategy - Strategies For Travel

The confusion caused when cultural rules change, then being forced to accept these changes this is cultural shock. For example, I am in San Jose, Costa Rica and there are prostitutes, beggars, and homeless people. I am from Indiana, USA, seeing this is difficult.

B.A.T.S -Backup Alternative to Today Solution - Strategies For Travel

What to do when my ride from airport, to hotel does not arrive? What to do, when the hotel cancels my reservation the day I arrive? What to do, when my tour guide has a heart attack? What to do... BATS - Best Alternative to Today Solution I have a back up plan.

Conquer Our World, A Book, An Online App, Audible, by Andy Lee Graham

We can conquer our world, by making a decision to think different.

Driving Car Round Trip Or To Take One Way Flights - Strategies For Travel

The airlines do great marketing, they try to convince you flying is convenience, and to drive your car is for chumps. Well, the savvy traveler wants to save time, and money, and does complicate life with all sort of travel configurations. Flying versus driving, not so simple...

Europe Travel, We Visit The Cheap Country First - Strategies For Travel

You’ve heard people say,”I'm going to travel Europe.'' They wish to travel the whole continent of Europe. The best strategy is to start in a cheap country, learn European culture, then slowly move into the expensive countries.

How Consumers Can Turn Off Hotel Yield Management

Strategies For Travel - Stop the Hotel reservation booking services from gaming you.

I Believe in 1 and 7 and 14 and 30 day Hotels - Strategies For Travel

There is a need for a Hotel strategy, or you can obey the travel industry and pay through the nose.

Land Travel - When Is Land Travel Better Strategy Than Flying - Strategies For Travel

Paul Theroux is a travel writer that believes traveling coast to coast, from ocean to ocean is the best way to understand the world. Please, I apologize Mr Theroux, I know, you are a “Writer that travels.” To call anyone a travel writer is an insult, people are confused.

Life Skill Of Buying Cars 20 MPG 30 MPG 40 MPG

I found a Saturn Vue that gets roughly 20 miles to the gallon. EPA-rated 19 mpg city, 26 mpg highway. I am trying to decide, do I hold out for a car that gets better mileage?

Living Paycheck to Paycheck, Conquer Our World

How does living paycheck to paycheck work? It’s Wednesday, I need gas in my car, and because I live paycheck to paycheck, I have no money until Friday, this is not a good feeling.

Mcdonald's Restaurants as a Strategy for Travel

Is there a McDonald's Restaurant in the city you are going to visit? If not, you may find you feel uncomfortable.

My New Travel Strategy the Always Ready Travel Backpack

I am working on a new travel strategy, the "always-ready to travel backpack." We can stop wasting time packing travel gear, we are ready to leave.

My Overseas Rental Strategy Depends on Fools' Luck - Strategies for Travel

My new travel strategy, by Andy Lee Graham - I paid 882 YEARLY RENT for a 2 bedroom apartment, the first of 5 to be located strategically around planet.

Next City For 2-3 Days Travel Strategy, Then Next, Next, Next, Stick

The dream, the goal of travel is to say we know a country, we know the people, we understand, we visited the country. And, we know this is impossible, we are strangers in a foreign country. However, this next city, Hotel, next city Hotel, is the best way to know a country.

Serendipity Travel Strategy, Hunting For Accidental Fun - Strategies For Travel

The prime directive of travel is to enjoy ourselves. Tourism is 99% planned checklist travel — then people have 99% of enjoyment accidentally, the “we did not plan this fun.” Accept the serendipitous Hobo way, the everyday hobo.

Shifting From First to Third Travel Speed Gear

Shifting From First to Third Travel Speed Gear - Strategies For Travel

Simple Travel Strategy - Strategies For Travel

Simple travel is enjoyable, while complicated is work. The traveler who keeps it simple wishes to stay, the complicated, are relieved to be home. The art of travel is to simplify travel.

Strategy Defined - Strategies For Travel

The United States Military evaluates that only 1 in 25 people can naturally create strategies. Maybe we can give you strategies to copy, maybe with practice you can learn to create strategies.

Take The Long Way Home

Is the drive to work boring, conquer your world by becoming an explorer.

Wagon Wheel Travel Strategy - Strategies For Travel

With the wagon wheel strategy, we can find one great place to sleep, at a good price, with parking, close to restaurants, etc. This is the hub, the center of the wheel, then we can slowly travel outwards like the spokes. This saves 100’s of dollars in expensive cities.

We Plan a Trip Aware That Our Minds Arrive 10 Days Later - Strategies for Travel

My plane arrived 10 days ago. I am happy to announce my mind and self-awareness have now arrived, and acceptance allows my after-USA strategy to succeed.

Writing a Book: How We Conquered Our World?

Hey you, so I asked you to write a couple of chapters for a book I wish to publish in 2022 here is the formula. Please, please we are writing, we will not know the name of the book, until this amorphous compilation of experiences our world is digested, and ready to published.

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