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I Believe in 1 and 7 and 14 and 30 day Hotels - Strategies For Travel

There is a need for a Hotel strategy, or you can obey the travel industry and pay through the nose.

Wed, 27 Mar 2013 21:54:51


I believe in 1 and 7 and 14 and 30 day Hotel Strategy.

The best compliment a person can give a Hotel is staying over a month in the same Hotel and the biggest insult is to stay 1 day.

30 Night Hotels - No Regret Price
If I am staying 30 days, that means all my bundle of needs are managed, life is simple, and the prices is a no regrets. I never enter a Hotel with the plans to stay 30 days, I seldom pay for a month, and I normally arrange weekly deals. Staying 30 days mean it was like my new home and difficult to leave.

In the past, almost all the 30 day hotels had free WIFI, now with this USB thumb drive cellular modems, all Hotels on the planet can have high enough speed Internet for Skype. I am no longer tied to the Free WIFI - Hotel (Thank God for Internet year 2011.)

No Regrets

One Night Hotels - I needed to stop Hotel
About any Hotel with a good bed is OK for one night, I do not even unpack, this is a place of transit, having a room with swimming pool is normally a waste of money. This is made a ton of money hotel; they know people will pay more than needed prices for one night. Sort of usury fees paid, they convince the public to pay, and pay, and people agree to pay, it is baffling to me. I think about anyone would rent a room in their home for 100 dollars per day, or 3000 dollars per month.

Seven Day Hotel - The City is a No No
Probably this is an OK Hotel, but the city is brusque, boring, and bothersome, there are cities of villages, people and cultures that I just do not enjoy, for example Venezuela in the north, close to Caracas. This is the only country I would avoid, but I avoid many cities like Mumbai, or Paris and cry “no-joy.”

Although I have to watch myself with cities, because they are addictive, chaos and enjoyable excitement are the same feelings, we create big memories and it is often difficult to leave the endorphin rushes. Sometimes I life is so hectic in the city, I think I am doing something of real value, ooops, just another city on planet earth, nothing special.

Endorphin rushes need to be enriching, not just city traffic, that is just an insanity on wheels, there is something about cities that confuse people into believing life is good.

As a perpetual world traveler I have lived in over 1000 different Hotel rooms. Over the last 15 years and 90 countries there has evolved my lackadaisical and wanderer Hotel style.

This is my wander the planet Hotel strategy, it is to optimize my travel lifestyle, and live a life of luxury. I am rich in experience and time, with and generally have 10 hours of leisure time per day to read books, watch movies, and socialize.

This means, I spend a lot of time in the Hotel room, it needs to be as comfortable as possible, and convenient to shopping, transport, restaurants, and other creature comforts.

To live the luxury Hotels life, people need to be clever like a Hobo, pretending to be poor, and the Hotels will give you the best room at in the Hotel at an affordable price.

I am Rich in Time.
It is amazing, even my reader believe I am poor. Funny, here I am roaming around the plane, free as a bird and I am considered poor, it is really a mixed up world that believes having a house, car, and working 40-60 hours per week is rich.

Most Hotel owners know that asking a person to pay 3000 dollars per month for a Hotel room is unreasonable, but generally are willing to ask between 200 and 1000 dollars per month without a problem. The compare the room to an apartment, and they believe renting an apartment is easy, little do they know?

I would love to rent apartments, but they require me to commit and work too much, there are unreasonable setup times involved. I do not love cities, I am visiting them, and the cities are acquaintances, not best friends. There are few cities on the planet with plug and play one-month apartment schemes for less than 1000 dollars per month.

1000 dollars is a half-year wages in about 200 countries on the planet.

It should be possible to walk up, pay the rent for a month, no deposit, no electrical bill, no water bill, etc. I can do this with a Hotel, but apartments are unreasonable.
I arranged reservations for roughly 50 of the Hotels, and mostly in Europe where I have no choice during the summer. And because I like to roam around countries without a plan, I have avoided Europe for the last 10 years. Europe is the most non spontaneous continent on the planet, even in the USA you can just grab a Hotel for the night that is reasonably prices, in Europe the prices are unreasonable as a standard, good values are almost impossible to find.

The cost of a Hotel should never be more than 10 dollars in the 200 poor countries on the planet And, I will pay up to 30-40 dollars per night in the rich ones in Europe, America, and Japan in the 53 over-developed rule and law driven countries.

Funny, the more money the country has, the less freedom a person has to just do as they please, only obeying rules of respect.

Andy Graham
Kara, Togo West Africa 2013

Each hotel has a bundle of benefits, and the neighbor is important. title=