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How Consumers Can Turn Off Hotel Yield Management

Strategies For Travel - Stop the Hotel reservation booking services from gaming you.

Hotel Yield Managment

Lawrence, a member of the Hobo Travel Community pointed out the term,
“Yield Management.”
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Yield management is when a Hotel changes prices by knowing what motives potential customers. It is supply and demand, whether done by humans, or by computers, the Hotel industry knows what motivates you, the Hotel reservation systems are designed to make you afraid.

They know a sucker is born every minute, time to stop being a sucker by turning off the computers, and the ability for Hotels to negotiate.


1. More people go on vacations at Christmas, so Hotel raises prices.

2. Search for a room on website that uses cookies to track your behavior.

1st time, the prices is high
2nd time the price is same.
3rd time, they lower the price for fear they will lose your Hotel reservation.

How do I, Andy Lee Graham, a person who has traveled perpetually for 18 years, and visited 107 countries neutralizes the Hotel Yield Management systems, and how do I stop them?

1. No Hotel reservations.
This stops the computer, and makes it so the Hotel cannot put me in the worst rooms, and keep the best rooms available.
This turns off the computers ability to negotiate, or game you.

2. Arrive before 10:00 AM in morning.
I tell the owner, “I have all day to find a cheap room.”
This turns off the Hotels ability to negotiate.

3. Rent for 7 days or more.
They do not care if they lose one days Hotel rent, they do not want to lose 7, or even better 30.
This scares the owners, the Hotels are greedy, and they want big money.

4. I tell them the price.
a. I asked the price for a room.
b. I go look a the room, endear myself to the person, become friends, choose the best room, quiet, often without some fancy feature like a balcony I never use.
c. I make offer for half of what I am willing to pay.

ONE-half I am willing to pay.

At this point, the Hotel owner or manager feels crippled, he or she knows this deal is not going to work, and I am going to walk out the door. Desperation sets in; they know they can lose 7 days rent.

Note: There people who want status, wants top of Tripadvisor, or in Condo Mast Magazine as top Hotel, the Hotel you will brag about for weeks when you return back to work. This splurge mentality is what makes Hotel yield management systems work. Our egos cripple 90 percent of travelers, whereby the canot even believe that a 10 dollar room could be better than a 100 dollar room.

Reviews by people who live in a Hotel for 2 weeks per year is like listening to person who was a passenger on a plane telling the pilot how to fly.

When reserving, or renting a Hotel room, the first question should be,
“Is this a good neighborhood?” Same as buying a House.