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Driving Car Round Trip Or To Take One Way Flights - Strategies For Travel

The airlines do great marketing, they try to convince you flying is convenience, and to drive your car is for chumps. Well, the savvy traveler wants to save time, and money, and does complicate life with all sort of travel configurations. Flying versus driving, not so simple...

Rent a car

The travel industries mission is to convince you the most expensive decisions are the best, more or less, pay a lot, and you will be happy.

I am Andy Lee Graham, a non-stop world traveler, been doing this now for 20 plus years, and in 112 countries. Bottom line, I dislike moving from location to location, (travel) I am not fond of planes, trains, buses, taxis or cars; I want to be there, the fun is arriving at a destination. I will be super happy when Scottie from Star Trek says,
"Andy, is it OK to beam you from Orland, Indiana to Lome, Togo now?"

The travel industry is in collusion, they want you to believe buying a one way plane ticket, first class, then staying in a Hilton at 500 USD per night is a great decision.

Rent a Car


Let's calculate the time:

1 Hour - Drive to FWA airport

2 Hours - Sit in airport waiting to leave.

4 Hours - Flight time from Fort Wayne, to New York City.

1 Hour - Shuttle to Hotel, maybe a Hilton, cheap in NYC.

Total is 11 hours, oops, one hour more, then if I just got into the car, and drove to New York City, what's up with that?

Hello again,

Now, if I was rich, not famous, who in their right mind wants to be famous? But, if I was rich, what would I want? Please, empathize, this is all i have done for 24/7, 20 plus years and in 112 countries is think about comfort.

What would I do to arrive in New York City, with the most amount of comfort, the most fun, and the least headaches?

I would call my chauffeur when I woke up in the morning, took a shower, read the newspaper, and said,
"Come over the house at 7:00 AM."

When he arrives, I would say,
"Lets drive about one hour away from New York, get a room, then drive into the city early the next day."

Now, I would not need to schedule crap, leave when I want, and if my legs hurt, needed to piss, we could pull over to a nice place, eat a turkey sandwich at a deli, and have a good old time seeing the USA. Or, I could go to an airport, get delays, not take anything with me, because the TSA is going stop my batter backups, and well, the plane ticket just keeps getting bigger. 

Hmm, by the way, in the car, with my chauffeur, (Wife,) I could also talk on the cell, surf on the Internet, watch YouTube, and write a book.

Or, I could be on a plane, I do admit, the train can be better, but all in all, even when the these high powered executives arrive, what do they do? They rent a car...

Life is just not a simple with planes and we always end up at the end of the flight in a car, maybe we can skip the plane more often...

Just a muse,

Andy Lee Graham
Fort Wayne, Indiana in my sisters Kandi's House, waiting for her to wake up.
October 24, 2018

Andy Lee Graham, Rich in time, not famous Hobo Traveler

Note: Someone give the proofreader a call, thanks; life is good.


I did a search on, and this is one-way from Fort Wayne, Indiana to New York City. title=
Hello, it is often simple, sitting in an airport for 3 hours, before and after, add that up, and it often is quicker to drive a car, with no problem missing the flights.