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B.A.T.S -Backup Alternative to Today Solution - Strategies For Travel

What to do when my ride from airport, to hotel does not arrive? What to do, when the hotel cancels my reservation the day I arrive? What to do, when my tour guide has a heart attack? What to do... BATS - Best Alternative to Today Solution I have a back up plan.

Wed, 22 Apr 2020 06:51:44

Covid-19, a deadly virus is causing people economic problems.

What is Andy Lee Graham going to do? Watch more films,read more, make more WhatsApp calls, write more, truly, nothing changed much...

Superman is bulletproof, Batman is clever, wise, he finds alternative solutions...

He makes one plan, then has option 2, 3, 4...

Aticipation of a problem, can make us bulletproof like Superman, but a mere human like Batman can also be a Superman with BATS -- Best Alternative to Today's Solution.

The goal can alway be, to have an alternate solution, if todays solution fails.

What do you do, if you lose your job tomorrow?

My hope is, you celebrate, and go on vacation for a year.

How many days, weeks, months are you from bankruptcy?

Andy Lee Graham, and Hobo Traveler is hmm, around 10 years away from financial problems, we are bulletproof, and hope as a "Guide to a Good Life," we can share our good fortune, and the USA, Europe, the world learns how to be Batman and Superman.

Life is good, your friend Andy Lee Graham

Bats for Batman