Squat Toilets


Squat Toilets - Asia


  1. Toilet Paper
  2. Sprinkling water from a bowl on anus.
  3. Using a sprayer from the front to the rear of body..
  4. Squatting over bucket of water and sprinkling.
  5. Not cleaning at all. (I truly believe this is the most common method.)
  6. Placing the bucket behind your rear, and pouring water down and using the opposite had to catch and clean.

NOTE: It is presumed that countries that utilize squat toilets wash there hands afterwards, I am under the opposite impression because there is never soap or washing facilities. I try to watch them constantly learn how the use this type of toilet, and I believe most people in these countries do not clean.

PROCEDURES - 4 - Squatting over bucket of water and sprinkling.

  1. Fill bucket of water before you start or enter the toilet.
  2. Place bucket behind or maybe to the side of the toilet.
  3. Do your business.
  4. Backup and hover or sit on bucket.
  5. I use my right hand. I could care less if they do not know this...  And to me it is irritating to think they use their hand
  6. I only do this when I have no toilet paper, or before a long shower.


  1. Rubber glove may be wanted.
  2. Laundry Soap on floor.
  3. If you wash your clothes first in the bucket supplied... IF supplied you can brush and clean the bucket. Make sure the bottome of bucket is clean..


  1. Rubber Gloves
  2. Laundry soap powder bleach.
  3. Scrub Brush
  4. Rubber Sandals
  5. Small pitcher for heating water. Sharp edge on side for an immersion heater to sit.


  1. Better to go into toilet naked because your clothes can easily get wet.
  2. Be careful drop your pants completely and keep or pull to front and take special care for fear of soiling you pants.
  3. Rubber shoe or sandal needed to keep your feet dry. The toilet area is almost always wet.


  1. Always keep extra bucket filled in the event the water goes off.
  2. I recommend dumping to large buckets in the toilet for extra smell controls.


  1. A piece of rubber tire big enough to place easily over regular western basin may be wanted to cover the receptacle to stop cockroaches and smells.


  1. Fill up the bucket for flushing prior and not after using. It is better to have water available in the event of some minor accidents.
  2. FLUSHING - Throw the bucket of water at a floor toilet with enough force to totally clean the rim or central area of the toilet. It is better that water splashes around the outer areas so that all the debris and footprints on the standing area is cleaned also. To just pour in the receptacle is not enough force to clean properly.
  3. Large buckets or five gallon buckets are better for flushing than small buckets. If possible dump 1 and / or 2 five gallon buckets down the toilet each time. Please worry more about cleanliness and disease more than how much water you are wasting. You are doing the job of the country that is not being performed to clean with soap and water adequately.
  4. You may wish to exercise prior to traveling to Asian countries to condition your legs to the new stress.
  5. Old age is a problem, but you may find that a lot of squat toilets are elevated to enable a person to sit.
  6. Look for a toilet with a handle on door in front of the toilet to assist you in standing or squatting.
  7. Flush twice and often during the day as there is often no trap to collect smells.
  8. Cover with piece of rubber from an tire inner tube so that the cockroaches and smell remain in the toilet.
  9. I carry alcohol to clean. Chlorine or bleach is a good anti-bacteria agent.
  10. Yoga may be a good form of exercise to prepare for a squat toilet countries.
  11. Eating the food in squat toilet countries is a problem. Your bacteria is not the same and you do not have the immunities, so if you are constantly getting sick I would say to stay with packaged foods like potato chips and such, and eat only cooked foods. Nothing like a salad or such. In "India" this would mean the Tally is off limits.
  12. Better to use the toilet before a shower.
  13. Better to use the toilet when in a towel or ready to shower. I walk around in a towel in the morning and a "Longie" is a great thing or Sarong is good, because you can dry off better.
  14. I use napkins for toilet paper so I do not have to tear off paper all the time.
  15. Bucket - Throw an extra bucket on the floor and area around toilet constantly if possible to help sanitize.
  16. Bugs - Throwing a bucket around and down the toilet will help wash bugs away.
  17. MOPPING - In India I almost never have seen mop buckets with soap, so the cleaning of toilets to a sanitary levels is always suspect. Pay attention to the cleaning people of a Hotel and recommend or talk with friends about the quality of cleaning.
  18. If you dump the bucket on the floor around the toilet, it the toilet it designed ok all the water will flow to the bowl and both clean the floor and the receptacle.
  19. I purchased my own pitcher to clean myself.
  20. If they are to use there left hand, then why is the refill tap a lot of times on the right side?
  21. If you carry a brush to wash your clothes it may double as a scrub brush to clean the toilet floor.
  22. Hotels will deliver hot water to the room for about 3-10 Rupees. Have one brought to the room, add some chlorine and disinfectant and clean the toilet. Hot water is mostly germ free.
  23. Do not dump water down the center of squat toilet, but pour a full bucket towards the top and this will  make the water swirl and clean the toilet better, plus it will not make the water level go down and create an air passage for soiled or smelly air.


  1. A squat toilet without a sink and soap outside the door means that a lot of people are walking around with shit on their hands.
  2. I truly believe that the world walked around lie the three monkeys that see no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil.
  3. Thailand has sprayers in the toilet and almost always has running water inside the toilet while India is more like a bunch of cow that just shit anywhere. There is nothing and totally inadequate proper hygiene in India.
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