Souvenirs and Gifts

A souvenir from French, for a rememberance or memory.

     A souvenir (from French, for memory), memento or keepsake is an object a traveler brings home for the memories associated with it. Souvenirs include clothing such as T-shirts or hats, postcards, refrigerator magnets, miniature figures, household items such as mugs and bowls, plates, ashtrays, egg timers, spoons, notepads, and paintings plus many others. They may be marked to indicate their origin such as "A rock from Stonehenge".

     In Japan, souvenirs are known as meibutsu (products associated with a particular region); and omiyage, candies or other edibles to be shared with co-workers. Omiyage sales are big business at Japanese tourist sites.

    Travelers may buy souvenirs as gifts for those who did not make the trip.

    Similar to a souvenir, memorabilia (from Latin, for memorable) is an object that is treasured for its memories; however, unlike souvenirs, memorabilia are valued for a connection to a historical, sporting event, culture, entertainment. Such items include cigarette cards, air sickness bags, publicity photographs, posters, entertainment-related merchandise, movie memorabilia, pins and other, often-licensed, items.

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