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The Beatles Back In The USSR

The Beatles Back In The Ussr - Songs Of Travel as selected by Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com, I hope we can all leave the West Behind...

Tue, 31 Aug 2010 15:44:27

Back in the USSR is maybe the best song of leaving the developed world, when you leave the West Behind, you have left home.
Andy Graham the HoboTraveler.com

The Western world, also known as the West and the Occident (Latin: occidens -sunset, -west, as distinct from the Orient), is a term that can have multiple meanings depending on its context (e.g., the time period, the region or social situation). Accordingly, the basic definition of what constitutes "the West" varies, expanding and contracting over time, in relation to various historical circumstances.

The concept of the Western world has its roots in Greco-Roman civilization in Europe, the advent of Christianity, and the Great Schism in the 11th Century which divided the religion into Eastern and Western halves. In the modern era, Western culture has been heavily influenced by the traditions of The Renaissance and The Enlightenment, and shaped by expansive colonialism in the 18th-19th Century. Its political usage was temporarily informed by mutual antagonism with the Soviet bloc during the Cold War in the mid to late 20th Century. In the contemporary political and cultural context, the Western World generally refers to the nations of the European Union, The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Central Europe, Latin America, Israel, and South Africa.

The Beatles Back In The USSR

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