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Je Jette Electric Bill For Renewable Solar Powered System - Solar Power Off Grid Minimalist Lifestyle

I feel we are angry, these monthly electric bills suck the energy right out of life but how do we throw away the benefits, it is is easier to go along.

I owe my soul to company store

“Je jette,”
I am here in French West Africa, attempting to empathize with the 1.5 billion people on the planet, the 1 in 7 who do not have electricity. In America, it is trendy to say, “living off the grid,” while 1.5 billion of the global citizens have no choice, there is no electrical grid.

I love to say, “Je jette,” literally it means “I throw,” but more along the more slangy way of saying,
“I ditched.” for example when we say,
“I ditched my girlfriend,” or
“I trashed my cell phone.”

When something is no good for us, when it a waste of our time, we ditch it, we trash it, we throw it out of life, with anger. It is the last straw, the straw that broke the camels back, we throw something out of life.


And, this is my dream, to throw away monthly bills, to be free from the man, to never be forced to pay monthly bills, to actually be a freeman, with no feudal obligation to King.

Yet, I want all the wonderful benefits of electricity, without the owing money to money changers, I do not want a financed life, I want a free and clear, I own my life; so the dream is to live off grid, with all the benefits of electricity, but able to turn the expenses off.

And yes, I am angry when someone give my friends, family, and even strangers a monthly obligation, after 18 years, and 107 countries, the idea of having a monthly payments feels like economic enslavement.

“We owe our soul to the company store.”

It is hard to know - my father, Jerold Graham played this song when I was too small to remember anything other than the words, this music resonates. Did this push me over the line, or was it "Walden,' by Henry David Thereau?

Thanks Dad for playing "16 Tons," I do not owe my soul to the company store.

Andy Lee Graham in Kpalime, Togo West Africa, free because I refuse to pay monthly, to live the financed, deferred life plan.


I feel the same way, thats one of the biggest reasons I left the US. Now I am here in Antigua, with easy to afford rent, and if things got tight I could move in one day to a $50 or $100 a month place... paying for that under even the worst of circumstances would not be a problem either.


Hi Phil, my wife and I are passing through Antigua on July 10-12. Perhaps we could meet for a coffee?
I met the American expats who meet at the Parque each morning last year. Do you ever hang out with them?


Hello Steve, coffee would be great, see you when you get in. I don't hang out with the expats in the park, mostly I am busy trying to rustle up a little on line business in the US.

Felipe en Antigua

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