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The 50 Factory Workers Telling 200 Farmers How To Live

The Social Status of the planet, a funny explanation of the world, from the global perspective of a world traveler in Africa.

Tue, 19 Feb 2013 22:50:48

I am in West Africa, and what a great way to intellectually focus on our global  community, and the games we play.

How to learn what makes the world tick?

Anyone who with a true desire to understand how the world works ought to buy a plane ticket to Lome, Togo West Africa and go live there. Then listen closely to your friends, family, business associates, and the world press depiction and explanations on where you are at…listen to their innuendos and what they do not say, that screams at you. Live in Lome, Togo for three months, live the good life, and try to understand why everyone thinks, no, why they “know” you are dumb to live in Lome, Togo. It is time to turn on the lights folks!

Map of developed countres

Look at this map; it is the 50 factory worker countries who want to say to the 200 farming countries.
“Look, I work on an assembly line, it is the better life.”

Really Hit Social Status Bottom
I would say to go to Mali, or maybe Burkina Faso, maybe Niger if you truly want to go rock bottom. But Lome, Togo is far enough down to see the how the top views you.

Truly you need to “Stoop to Conquer,” on a global level, to see how a midget feels looking up at giants.

Yes, and the world does judge you by who you hang around with, there is nothing that lowers your social status more than coming to West Africa, Togo, but I do truly love Togo, and Benin, two outstanding countries on the planet.

List of I live here, and you live there Stories
- The pecking order, the status quo of the world.

How to feel, when people say,
“Yes, enjoy your time there, but I hang out in the good countries.”

farm life vs factory

The whole world looks down to West Africa
Ghana looks down on Togo
Togo looks down on Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso

South Africa looks down at Togo.

India and South Africa suck up to each other.
India looks down on Nepal.

Europeans look down on Americans (USA).

The Americans look down on Mexicans.
Mexicans look down on Guatemalans.
(The Latino world should be looking up to Colombia.)

Argentina looks down on all Central and South Americans.

Japan and Korea look down on Thailand and Malaysia.

The Philippines looks down on Indonesia and Thailand.

Dubai looks down on themselves, true penis envy, you just cannot buy love.

When I say I am going to Africa, it is always intellectually intriguing, and mentally baffling, and emotionally tasking to hear what I thought were knowledgeable people say,
“Why would you go there?”
As if I stepped in Shit.

Travel Snobs
- The people in the AC rooms, look down on the fan room, the Tourists look down on the backpackers.

The people driving cars look down on the people using public transportation.

And hilariously, the people who have only left the country one time in their life look down on everyone, captured by their own insulated existence.

Now, as an Indiana Farm boy, I enjoy explaining to the poof culture in California, and the East Coast, “New Yorker Magazine,” set, that working in a factory, or sitting in a traffic jam, or managing the factory is --- Well please step back and look at yourself, and let’s be real?

I am here, and you are there, because you are too busy working for the man, to caught up, too busy, too small and insignificant to open you eyes to see what you could see.

I suspect you just do not have the money, or wealth, only the rich have time, the ultimate wealth to possess.

In the time of Hemingway, Graham Green, Aldous Huxley, and the bohemia world, the world stepped differently, these people visited countries like Haiti; even Mick Jagger knows enough to visit Haiti, a great place to be!

And, Woody Allen just does not get it, please, enough about Paris, why do you allow Hemingway to upstage him, Woody looks up, and allows Hemingway to look down, to outshine him, it is OK Woody, you are still invited, even though you refuse to be a real player…

Paris was the center of the world 200 years ago, it is a has been...

In the 1950-60’s, the place to be, if you was a somebody, was Lome, Togo.

I am always at odds, trying to understand how the Brits and French, and look down on Americans, what a dangerous way to live.

Yet, the Germans look down on everyone; this all is too much fun.

Come to Africa, there is no better way to open your eye wide open, full stop, then to look at the top, from the bottom.

Andy Lee Graham
Bon Vivant - Natitingou, Benin West Africa
February 2013
“I am here, and you have no choice, you are there.”

Life is a turkey shoot - Gobble Gobble

This is a map of the 50 rich countries, the ones not blue are the normal 200.