Only Fools And Horses Compete

I happened upon a British television show called "Only Fools and Horses," it his me right, these are the ones that compete for Social Status or mone


The USA, a.k.a. the United States of America is truly a great place, if you can somehow take the path least travel around the folks wanting me or you to compete.

If a person tells me they have a beautiful house, I say, maybe I will come over and visit and use the swimming pool.

If a person tells me the have a big nice car, I say,
"Then you can drive, and because you want to be rich, I will let you pay."

If a person says, I they have a high paying job, I say,
"I would invite you for a cup of coffee, but I do not want to interrupt your work." 

A person on a plane said, they paid first class,
"I ask, are you a multimillionaire or working for a Non Profit."

The only that I know of that is not the first of the two, and I know all non profits are fools. NGO, No Good Organization, making beggars know they will always prosper.

Bottom line, a competition is for horses and fools, and a only a fool would compete for a house, car or social status, thing about it, there is not even a way to prove you win, at least the horse can win.

Now, if you want to find a truly un-savvy and waiting to get clubbed fool, then wait for someone to list out all the exception or validate it it good to compete below. Anyone who wish to problem a generalization wrong, right or wrong, it not with the program and get m award, I say,
"I like Pizza,"
Then I go do something else, because when people talk gibberish, then only a fool listens. 

The best way I know to lose my priorities in life is to start to compete with anyone who is talking with me, if everyone was smart, they would all be rich.

The most enriching part of my 14 years of traveling this small planet it the true acceptance, and knowledge that nobody truly cares about me, and if they want to compete, just let them win.

Neil V

We'll put.


I misread a title and thought it was appropriate.


Andy, i agree with the sentiment in your message. Though i am not 100 convinced that you truly believe in it.

You yourself are a business person.
You are a business person first and a traveler second.

That's not a bad thing.
But to be a business person and to continue with traveling or to continue with any of our goals we need to be competitive to a certain point.

Where the competitiveness goes too far is when people start bragging about their house, their job, their new car etc. so i agree with the sentiment in your message.

But i can also see that we all wish to achieve our own definition of social status.
Your neighbours or friends is the nice house, the nice car, the high paying job.
Mine is a business which provides me with pleasurable tasks to fill my goals of sufficient funds to continue traveling and exploring life.
I anticipate that yours has parralels with mine.

Both involve a certain level of competitiveness.
Both involve achieving and sustaining our own individual levels of our desired "Social status".

Unfortunately, we can never escape totally from competitiveness and displaying our achievements, whoever we are and whatever we define as social status.

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