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Obama-Ville Is Americans' Mediocre Way of Riding Coattails of Greatness

Upper mobility is the dream of higher social status, whereby we can look down and say, "I rose above." But social status is achieved by being unique

Fri, 30 Aug 2013 01:39:36

The Europeans have subtle ways of insulting Americans. It has taken me 15 years of world travel to realize how they make the insults. I always subconsciously felt the insults, but I was unable to put my finger on it; they were elusive insults. But with 15 years of living outside the USA, one evolves.

Europeans (and others) ask me, "Where did your accent come from? You do not sound American."


Vague as it can be, I am a citizen of the world. I now have a mixture of all accents and languages. One result of this is that I know that slang is confusing, and I have all but erased slang from my speech. I do not use dude, cool or other trendy words that ring of mediocrity, of wanting to be the same. I need to be understood. Trendy words and I can find myself on the wrong train.

Europeans Look Down on Americans

Somehow, I had this feeling they were calling me a peasant, a nobody, with no dream, with no hope, a person who would never rise up. We, the Americans, are declared "boring."

We American are normal, we are mediocre, we scream of redundancy – Meet one American, and you’ve met them all.

It is like the tattooed and dreadlock-wearing crowd: These people dream of setting themselves apart, rising above, but by following fashion and trends, they prove they are the same, mediocre. They are trying to look like Bob Marley in unison. Bob was unique, yet his followers prove they are mediocre by following his ways.

The truth is, if you know Europeans, they too are boring and mediocre, like Bob Marley “wannabees,” even more so than Americans. They still have kings and peasants.

This morning, being an American, it seemed my duty to watch Obama as he explains ObamaVille, the country of my birth, the passport I hold, as he screams about Martin Luther King Jr.

He wants to juxtapose himself with Mr. King, to say, look at me, I am the same. This is how mediocrity is shown, how we know the person is failing to rise above.

Peasants strive to be like the king. The middle class tells you they are not like the king, and great people ask, "Who is the king?"

It is mediocre for President Obama to emulate Martin Luther King Jr. It is mediocre to steal a photo and put it on Facebook as if you took the photo. It is mediocre to point at another Tweeter. Yes, you are very helpful, sort of peasant-like, pointing at King.

Claim your fame today, and drown in mediocrity for eternity.

I sort of like Obama. He is about the same as all the other presidents, no more, no less, but being black is not special.

I often dream of white appreciation day, the same as black appreciation day. And I could care less if two gay boys marry … all the more girls for me! 

The people screaming they are different all sound the same. Being liked is easy, but achieving high social status, setting yourself apart, to truly think differently, means offending the masses, making enemies.

Or, better yet, just walk away, saying, "I quit."

Mike, Scott, Sheldon and I were walking near Fawn River, outside of Orland, Indiana, at the age of 12, pushing though brush, breathing the winter air, and Mike said, "This is when we separate the men from the boys." Scott replied, "I quit."

The will to quit – It is not whether we win or lose, it is quitting, the cessation, that separates us from our fellow man. Do not like or dislike; try to quit today, just stop being boringly the same. There has never been a greater time to live. Every man, woman and child on the planet can walk away, quit and start over. All the true captains and kings are dead, except in our minds.

Nobody is telling you what you can or cannot be. You are free! Claim it, and stop blaming the king. It is time we rise above, to stop riding the coattails of fame, and do something worth remembering, to have a life worth living, a life less normal.

I am proud of what I have quit in life, much more so than of what I have done. Everyone can quit; few can win in battles not worth fighting.

To rise above is neither to agree, or disagree, it is to quit this silly game.
Obama Ville is The Americans of Way Riding Coattails of Mediocrity.

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