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Great Video of Scarification of Skin to Tattoo

Tattoos, and cutting of skin is a way of explaining our social status.

Let me think, yes Americans enjoy tattoos, anyone, and everyone in the USA is getting a tattoo. Tattoos, earrings, ties, bracelets, necklaces, these are the ways we define our tribe. Maybe you joined the tribe of Harley Davidson, when you look at this; maybe you will know you are part of a tribe with eyes wide open.

Natitingou, Benin West Africa Market



I have nothing against small ones placed in certain areas of the body. Arms, legs, somewhat out of the way.
I do not like humongous, all over the body, the face and neck, hands, wherever? It's my personal thing.
Other people of course have their own ideas on this and that's OK it's theirs to live with not mine.

I suspect many will look at what they have and sometime later in life wish they didn't have them or at least where they have them and some will get them removed.

I have 2 small ones, one on each upper arm from my military days and they are easily covered by a short sleeve shirt.
I don't have a problem with them but I would just as soon have not gotten them once I got older.

I've seen some older people, both male and female who have some crude, rude, hideous ones looking terrible as they have faded, their body is wrinkled so are their tats, etc. They look dumb now.

But to each his/her own.

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