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Instagram Is There Any Data You Do Not Want?

Sandra from Germany, a girl I met in Panajachel, Guatemala was telling me I should join, here is the list of data they want to collect.

I am Andy Lee Graham, not a secretive guy in the least. I am just like you. When I sign up for a social network I must check boxes, agree, and try to understand what I am doing.

 So what do you think?

 Should I click “INSTALL?”

 First of all, I am on a computer, and do not like playing with Smartphones. Nor do I like Apple products. I am too poor to play Apple games. I just want to communicate with my new friend Sandra from Germany. She does not seem to be good on Facebook. Yet, I am not sure I want to learn Instagram. Again, I am on a computer page, not a smartphone, I seem to be in the wrong place . . . LOL

 Should I click on “INSTALL?"

 Yes, we have a social network, we are I am constantly vetting members, trying to suss out how to keep them safe. We do not want information that could cause harm, sort of “ahimsa.”

 First do no harm.

 Our goal is to allow members to admit who they are, but stop them from accidentally putting too much information on the site. 

 We do not expect them to be rocket scientists and read all the fine print. We do not have 1000 word disclaimers. Instead, we do not want information, that way there is nothing to steal. 

 KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid.

A while back, I was watching one of them stay healthy, eat right, don't eat chemicals videos on YouTube, and this guy said, “Would you trust a corporation to cook for you? Would a corporation add dangerous chemicals to your food, if they could make more money?”

 Fun stuff.

 Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham

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This is a list of all the data that instagram wants to collect. title=