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Social Groups That Defines My Happiness by Andy Lee Graham

The idea of leaving, deserting my family, my friends, my social groups is repulsive it took years to form them, I refuse to desert, leave, or abandom them, no martter how much they annoy me, I am a member in good standing.

Sun, 26 Apr 2020 06:54:38

Hello Friends, new friends, and old friends,

At age 64, I am getting better at this friends thing, how to have friends? Sadly, it feels, seems that most of the friends my own age, have lost the battle. They have not press on through to learn how to have friends; yet, there are many of them who -- how do I say this politely; they are assholes, and don't deserve friends.

Trust, Honestly, Failth, and The American Dream

You would think with each year of life, they would learn, "One lie can destroy a marriage." 

A lie is the most destructive force on the planet.

And, contrary to what you think, no amount of money can buy a real friend, but you can be surrounded by a lot of goofs, snarky, people, who don't realize, they are annoying.

Yet, the art of life seem simple, the person with the most friends when they die, wins. 

How to do this?

Join a group, keep you mouth closed, learn the rules, then only tell the truth, never pump up yourself to pretend you are a somebody, we are all nobodies in a group.Then, speak simple, talk common sense, and tell the truth.

And, you have a group intimacy. Then, because you are a good chap, other good people will start to become your friend.

The Art of Friendship is:

The people who cluster together to be bad girls, and boy, who brag about their misdeeds, who love to explain how they are an idiot. Avoid them, they have no friend, just partners in larceny. They think they have friend, but the necessary ingredient for loyalty, is honesty, trust, respect, and not to lie.

I am always amazes, how they build a story full of lies, and think that good business, good friends, a good life.

The number of tribes we join can grow.

Thanks Andy Lee Graham

My social groups, by Andy Lee Graham