Smartphones Blog, a way to learn how Travelers can use Smartphones for E-mail, Business or to update their

WARNING: Do not use a Smartphone outside your own country unless you are 100 percent aware of the charges. There are people returning home to 1000-10,000 Dollar bills to pay.

Presently, the best way to use a Smartphone as a world traveler is buy the service in the country you enter.

USA Background Note for all the countries for Smarphones:


    Read the Mobile Office area of

A smartphone is a mobile phone that offers more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a contemporary basic 'feature phone'. Smartphones and feature phones may be thought of as handheld computers integrated within a mobile telephone, but while most feature phones are able to run applications based on platforms such as Java ME or BREW, a smartphone allows the user to install and run more advanced applications based on a specific platform. Smartphones run complete operating system software providing a platform for application developers. Smartphone hardware and software data is compiled at The Smartphone Genome Project.

   Growth in demand for advanced mobile devices boasting powerful processors, abundant memory, larger screens and open operating systems has outpaced the rest of the mobile phone market for several years. According to a study by ComScore, in 2010 over 45.5 million people in the United States owned smartphones and it is the fastest growing segment of the mobile phone market, which comprised 234 million subscribers in the United States.

Operating systems that can be found on smartphones include Symbian OS (including S60 series), iOS, Palm WebOS, BlackBerry OS, Samsung bada phones running Linux, Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless, Windows Mobile, Android and Maemo. WebOS, Android and Maemo are built on top of Linux, and the iOS is derived from the BSD and NeXTSTEP operating systems, which all are related to Unix.

10 Ways to make the BlackBerry Work

Video of10 Ways to make the BlackBerry connect to the internet so you can surf and view pages. This explains how the Verizon Global E-mail connects.


The Blackberry Smartphone explained from the perspective of a Traveler.

BlackBerry vs Android vs Iphone - Smartphones

Trying to compare Blackberry Vs Droid Vs Iphone Smartphones, and a collection of links.

Can they Block a Cellular Connection from Crossing a Country Border

I was in Lome, Togo less than one mile from the city of Aflao, Ghana and it tells me my MTM Modem is roaming and will not function, MTN is not in Togo.

Clean Cell Phone Screen

How to clean a cell phone, smart phone, Blackberry scratches from screen.

Data Has Value, Computers, Smartphones Are Just Tools - Smartphones

I have computer files 35 years old, I do not care a rat's ass about computers, or smartphones, they are annoying tools. I do like keyboards because I learned 10 finger typing. I voice type on the smartphone. I carry 2 computers.

Email Problems On Smartphone

How Find Your Android Smartphone When Lost - Smartphones

This is super easy because anyone with an android phone, also has a Gmail account.

How To Carry A Smartphone

How To Carry A Smartphone - How does a person carry a Smartphone when traveling?

Nexus - Smartphones

Nexus The Nexus S is a smartphone designed by Google and manufactured by Samsung.


Smartphones Blog, a way to learn how Travelers can use Smartphones for E-mail, Business or to update their

Tether For Android Is Available 2010

Tether For Android Is Available 2010 - Smartphones

The site, a systems that allows people to tether their computer to a smartphone.


Tethering of a Smartphone to a computer and using teh smart phone as a modem to connect to the internet to surf.

Tethering Blackberry Instructions

How to use for Tethering Blackberry Instructions.

The Fastest Way On How To Backup Android Contacts To Gmail - Smartphones

The Fastest Way On How To Backup Android Contacts To Gmail without an APP.

Top 10 Smartphones

Top 10 Smartphones - as explained by Boy Genius from India, the top Coder for one of the Top Travel Sites on the net.

Universal Chargers for Cell Phones Charge any Battery

Outside the expensive countries you can purchase universal chargers for a little as three dollars that will charge any cell phone battery.

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