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How To Carry A Smartphone

How To Carry A Smartphone - How does a person carry a Smartphone when traveling?

Thu, 2 Sep 2010 09:16:25

Ways to Carry a Smartphone?

  1. In your hand, strangely this is a very common way.
    - Problem, people put down on table in restaurant and leave or it is stolen.
  2. Inside a Day bag
    - Problem it takes too long to open bag and retrieve to answer.
  3. In Cargo Pockets on the side of pants.
    - This is maybe the best providing you do not have quick open Velcro, and there is a way to slow down the pickpockets.
  4. Breast Pocket in a Sport Jacket
  5. Clip on holder for belt.
    - Tells people you have something to steal.
    - The magnetic clips can cause problems for memory storage devices
    - Belts cause problems at Airport security checks.
  6. In front pocket or rear pocket of pants.
    - The buttons will dial numbers
  7. Farmer Rule Pocket on side of Mens Pants
How to Carry Smartphones for Travel