10 Ways to make the BlackBerry Work

Video of10 Ways to make the BlackBerry connect to the internet so you can surf and view pages. This explains how the Verizon Global E-mail connects.

Video of 10 Ways to make Verizon BlackBerry Internet Work

I am using a BlackBerry Bold with Global Internet access by Verizon Wireless here in Ivory Coast. This Internet connection it allows me to travel to about 220 countries and I never need to talk with a telephone company. The connections are almost automatic, but not completely, there can be problems as you change internet access partners of Verizon.

There are these strange times, when you try to click on a link and nothing works, a page tries to load, but it does not load, maybe you can check and read your e-mail, however you can not open a  link.

Video Below

Video Above

Here is a list of things to try.

  1. Close the browser
  2. Clean cache in browser
  3. Clean all temps with cleaner.
  4. Turn Mobile Network off and turn back on.
  5. Pull the battery and reset the smartphone.
  6. Change Mobile Network from automatic to manual
  7. Change Browser from Firefox to Blackberry
  8. Change providers, maybe the primary is down.
  9. Play with connections, never assuming one is ok
  10. Try four hours later, maybe the connection is off
  11. Download Opera Mini
  12. Turn off and turn on, it is best if you leave the phone off while not using.
  13. Charge the Battery, a low battery and there is no connection.
  14. Try a different page, maybe the page is the problem.
  15. Sites blocking you

BlackBerry Bold

Download this Video because there are two assumptions that are nasty, one is that you will always have internet access while you are using the BlackBerry, and the other is there will be people around using the BlackBerry to help.

Thu, 28 Oct 2010 02:48:14

10 Ways to make the BlackBerry Work

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