Video on How to Bath With 1-3 Liters of Water

A person only needs 2 liters of water to bath, here is a video proving it.

There are 100's of reasons to save water, or to know the concepts in this Travel Tip. If you travel the world, you will run out of water, you will run out of water in the middle of a shower, you will often not have hot water. This travel tip paves the way for you to understand the essential management idea of water for showers.



Am I the only one who noticed that the girl washed all the parts of her body EXCEPT the parts that really needed to be washed. Also, I don't think that the girl would have a clue how to do this kind of shower without Andy's assistance, which he so graciously gave.

I have been doing this kind of shower for years. I only use shampoo because it rinses easier than bar soap.


I paid her to do this shower, but all the major concepts are in the video. This is one of them travel tips for those who do not pay attention, but wish they did later.

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