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Travel Shampoo Management Travel Tip - Showers and Baths

Showers and Baths - Travel Shampoo Management Travel Tip

Tue, 6 Nov 2012 00:36:57

Please watch the video below about Travel Shampoo.

The best travel shampoo comes in little bags, but I do not think they are sold inside the USA, but easily available in the normal countries. I am now carrying two travel shampoo bottles purchased at Walmart. They are not cheap, but I will just refill them when needed.

I carry the two bottles, and the small sacks, then when I arrive at the new continent, I purchase a full-size bottle of shampoo. The only reason for travel shampoo bottle is for the time between Hotels, or destinations.

Because the Airlines are now charging for checked bags, I must decrease the weight and volume. I purchase the small size bottle because they have less volume, it is not a weight problem.

Travel Shampoo

Thank you,

Andy Graham on Had Rin Sunset Beach, Koh Phagnan, Thailand

Travel Shampoo Management Travel Tip - Showers