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Throw Out The Baby And Keep The Bath Water

Americans takes a bath once per day, the same as the Kara, Togo people, and often are cleaner than Americans.

Sun, 15 Dec 2013 22:48:46

Throw Out the Baby and Keep the Bath Water

As an American, it is embarrassing; to think that I truly need help is an insight into what it means to be American.

My neighbor Magi enters the house…
My sewing lady Farine enters the house…
My friend Benz enters the house…
Clemetine, the girl who washes my clothes enters the house…

Mark Twain the Enormous Noticer

What is they first thing these Kara girls do when enter my home?

They pick up my broom and start sweeping my apartment; it is very difficult to get them to stop until they are finished. When I was living with Bah for three months, she was forever cleaning the room, never a moment’s peace. I drop my clothes on the floor, and received a harsh look… aagh; these people are too clean for me.

Shake with Right Hand
Many countries only shake hands with the right hand, and never allow the left hand to touch another person. This is for a very good reason, and something to do with the toilet. I have learned never to touch anyone on the planet with my left hand.
TMI - Too Much Information.

Americans and Europeans coming to Togo are prone to
“Throw out the baby, and keep the bath water.”

They do not see the good, they only see the bad, this is why long-term travel is good for the soul, we open our eyes full wide open and see the good in people.

This is why Dr. Albert Schweitzer a German medical missionary in Africa received the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize for his philosophy of "Reverence for Life."

I believe Dr. Schweitzer was outside Europe long enough to see the casual nature of humans, our basic desires, the simple goodness in humans. These people here are simple people, who seldom fight, and theft is almost non-existent, although lying to make a buck, is the same as America.

Seeing the Eiffel Tower was fun, seeing the Pyramids of Egypt, the Mayans were great builders; London Bridge needs to be seen.

“These major tourist attractions were built with slave labor.”

Africa was never good at making slaves of their people; they do a horrible job at collecting taxes, to build roads, or schools. It takes and American to drop an atomic bomb, it takes a German to cause the death of 50 Million people in WW II.

Learning to keep ones eyes full wide open is the lesson of travel, we learn to see both the good, and the bad. I always know a travel writer is lying, when everything is good, that place is not on earth.

Do you know the word “Utopia?”
The word is Greek, and means "no place".

And, I also noticed, that when Togo boys enter, they do not nothing.

Mark Twain was known as the "Enormous Noticer."