How Long to Heat 2 Gallons of Water on Propane Gas Burner for Dip Shower

Heating water for a dip shower for camping or USA road trip- Showers And Baths

I am going on a Road Trip of the USA, I will drive from city to city and want to shower in primitive camp areas of State Parks. I know that hanging solar shower units are for the most part a joke, they do not work. But, a dip shower works good, but how do I heat wateron my USA Road Trip when living in a van? I need from 1-2 gallons of water and can go as low as two liters.

12 Quarts Dip Shower

I purchased a 12 quart stainless steel pot at Dollar General for 10 USD. I filled it up about 3/4 for approximately two gallons.

I want to know how long will I need to heat this on a Propane Camp Stove before the water is read for a dip shower?

It took 10-15 minutes.

I believe I will buy a 50 USD pop up shower Tent, I am not sure which one to purchase, but the one at the bottom on feels to be the best so far.

Warning: Do not use solar bag showers, they do not work, take a dip shower.

Pop Up Shower Tent


I would just wash up in the van. Why go to all the extra expense ,and time setting up a special tent that You will be using for ten minutes a day. I always just set jugs of water in the sun and that does the trick if warm at all. I would check out if there is a ymca near by I go and get a sauna, work out, swim , shower , use the washroom for a five dollar day pass.


I am going to make a Solar shower on top of the van also, and hope to fill up my dip bucket from that and skip this on sunny days. I put is a prior video.

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