How Long to Heat 2 Gallons of Water on Propane Gas Burner for Dip Shower

Heating water for a dip shower for camping or USA road trip- Showers And Baths

I am going on a Road Trip of the USA, I will drive from city to city and want to shower in primitive camp areas of State Parks. I know that hanging solar shower units are for the most part a joke, they do not work. But, a dip shower works good, but how do I heat wateron my USA Road Trip when living in a van? I need from 1-2 gallons of water and can go as low as two liters.

12 Quarts Dip Shower

I purchased a 12 quart stainless steel pot at Dollar General for 10 USD. I filled it up about 3/4 for approximately two gallons.

I want to know how long will I need to heat this on a Propane Camp Stove before the water is read for a dip shower?

It took 10-15 minutes.

I believe I will buy a 50 USD pop up shower Tent, I am not sure which one to purchase, but the one at the bottom on feels to be the best so far.

Warning: Do not use solar bag showers, they do not work, take a dip shower.

Pop Up Shower Tent


I would just wash up in the van. Why go to all the extra expense ,and time setting up a special tent that You will be using for ten minutes a day. I always just set jugs of water in the sun and that does the trick if warm at all. I would check out if there is a ymca near by I go and get a sauna, work out, swim , shower , use the washroom for a five dollar day pass.


I am going to make a Solar shower on top of the van also, and hope to fill up my dip bucket from that and skip this on sunny days. I put is a prior video.


I have a six quart tea kettle with a copper bottom. The water is warm in less than 5 minutes on a one burner propane camp stove. In your demo you are wasting a lot of energy using such a large container.

As several have posted, you don't have to heat water for a shower in the summer.

Jes me talkin'. I have done a fair amount of "street camping". Don't waste your money on a pop up tent just to shower. Figuring out ways (finding a place) to take a shower without protection adds interest to the day. It is very easy to find a place to shower after dark. In the day, I pull my van up to some trees and shower between the van and the trees. Or, could be next to a dumpster, at the far end of the parking lot. It really is not that big a deal. One tip-once you find a place, just do it. Don't hang around trying to decide if this is a good place. The longer you wait the more chance somebody will come along and want to talk.

"Make" a solar shower on the top of your van? Set a one gal jug of water on the roof of your van. End of project! Set a one gal of water ANYWHERE in your van! The water will be warm enough. Andy, you have gotten so Americanized so quickly. You always have to be building something. What happened to "simplify"? haha

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