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Hotel Shower and Toilet Explained in Video by Seasoned Traveler

Videos explaining Hotel Shower and Toilet in a Hotel abroad.

Wed, 18 Jul 2012 07:28:00


Only Business Travelers and World Travelers Know!

I have lived in 1000-1400 Hotels, in 14 years of perpetual travel, this video explains some pros and cons of the shower or toilet.

I can find 10-20 things awkward or out of place in a Five Star Hotel. If you truly want best room, rent a Hotel Room from a large worldwide chain.

Small Boutique Hotels are not up to snuff, and Bed and Breakfast often are horrible. Only by living in Hotels for years does a traveler become capable of knowing the good from the bad. People who are on Vacations for two weeks per year, should be excluded, omitted, unless they complain, which is a good review.

Thank you,

Andy Graham 14 years, 90 country, 1000-1400 Hotels later.


Shower Video