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Great Hot Water Shower in Thailand

There is nothing better than the memory of a great shower, I will never run out of hot water with this Thailand shower.

Pretend you are reading a book and the author introduces this extremely rich, handsome man who has houses in many countries. The rich man walks you around the house, showing leather from Colombia, a guitar from Peru, or a set of chop sticks from Korea.

Hot Water Shower Thailand

Then he says, I liked this Thailand shower so much, I purchased one and sent it home, it just makes sense. It is a Hot water on demand shower, it is easy to use, only uses electricity when I am in the shower, I save tons of money when I travel overseas because there is no hot water tank.

I can stand under this shower and never run out of hot water, it is endless.

It is a Hot Water Shower system that makes sense, I had to have it.

One nice thing about traveling the world is you can accidentally come across some truly great ideas. If I wanted, I could purchase this hot water heater here in Thailand, send it to the USA, and install it in a home.

The memory of a great shower is always nice.


Andy Graham Koh Phagnan, Thailand 2012

Sharp WH-T35M
It appears this Hot Water Heater is Sharp WH-T35M model, wikipedia says Sharp is a Japanese company.

Hot Water Thailand

If I was going to purchase this Hot Water in Thailand, I would print out this graphic, then give it to a taxi driver. Thailand is a difficult language country, it is not easy to buy here, unless it is something you do not want or need.

I believe this ad says it 3190 Baht, that is about 100 USD.
- November 2012



Andy, I am sure you thought about it (?) the voltage in the US is different to that in Thailand or not? A 100 US dollar price plus big postage to the US may not be ecconomical, besides if something goes wrong it would be hard to obtain the right spare parts later ? I am pretty sure these instant Hotwater Units are available in most industrial countries. Another thing is, Warranty in most countries is voided, if the item is purchased and exported from another country. I am saying this from own experience, have bought in Hong Kong Camera and video Gear, which caused me big problems in my home country Australia when I needed warranty support.

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WH-T35M Sharp title=
WH-T35M Sharp Hot Water Shower.
This shower is great, I would like to have one in my house, if I had a house.