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Great Hot Water Shower in Thailand

There is nothing better than the memory of a great shower, I will never run out of hot water with this Thailand shower.

Sat, 10 Nov 2012 14:57:46

Pretend you are reading a book and the author introduces this extremely rich, handsome man who has houses in many countries. The rich man walks you around the house, showing leather from Colombia, a guitar from Peru, or a set of chop sticks from Korea.

Hot Water Shower Thailand

Then he says, I liked this Thailand shower so much, I purchased one and sent it home, it just makes sense. It is a Hot water on demand shower, it is easy to use, only uses electricity when I am in the shower, I save tons of money when I travel overseas because there is no hot water tank.

I can stand under this shower and never run out of hot water, it is endless.

It is a Hot Water Shower system that makes sense, I had to have it.

One nice thing about traveling the world is you can accidentally come across some truly great ideas. If I wanted, I could purchase this hot water heater here in Thailand, send it to the USA, and install it in a home.

The memory of a great shower is always nice.


Andy Graham Koh Phagnan, Thailand 2012

Sharp WH-T35M
It appears this Hot Water Heater is Sharp WH-T35M model, wikipedia says Sharp is a Japanese company.

Hot Water Thailand

If I was going to purchase this Hot Water in Thailand, I would print out this graphic, then give it to a taxi driver. Thailand is a difficult language country, it is not easy to buy here, unless it is something you do not want or need.

I believe this ad says it 3190 Baht, that is about 100 USD.
- November 2012


WH-T35M Sharp
WH-T35M Sharp Hot Water Shower.
This shower is great, I would like to have one in my house, if I had a house.

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