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Camp Shower Bags Suck

There is no reason to take a shower using a bag hanging from a tree, it is the worst idea possible.

I have used a camp type shower for the last 5-7 years, please stop with the hanging shower types, these camp shower bags do not work.


You turn the thing on, and you have only the amount of time it takes to empty, there is no good way to budget water.

1. The handles do not turn the water on and off easily.

2. There is no way to shut the water off with one hand.

3. The thing is heavy, and has only one purpose.

4. There is no way to use to heat, other than solar.

Camp Shower bag


I think we get how easy it is to heat water, but we still want to see the dip shower demonstrated with the girl in the bikini...where is that video you talked about it a few times but haven't posted it yet.....


I will put up the video as I leave the Dominican Republic. I paid the girl, told her what I was doing with the video, and her boss who is a Gringo explained and coordinated. However, I do not trust Latinos even a little with any agreement. Therefore to protect myself, I will leave the country. The DR is one of the most corrupt countries on the planet. What this means, she could go to the police, make this into something it is not, and the police partner with here to extract money from me.

Therefore, I will do as I leave the country, I have no big plans to return, and I know they do not have the abilty to read or track me.

If I was in Thailand, the Thai people read my Blog, the Philippines read, for the most part the DR seem illiterate, or at a 2nd grade level.

Too buy watching Gang video on I suspect.


Makes perfect sense Andy, don't do anything that might cause you problems....we can wait....cheers....


I think if the world would ease off on doing things that cause problems, the world would be such a better place. I walk the other way, turn the other direction, just walk the out from obvious problems. Why volunteer for problems, yes, the readers do not know everything that is happening. And for sure, the DR is one of the most dangerous, corrupt countries I have ever visited. It is easy for me to stay out of problems, but many people around me are having problems.

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