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You Will Obey or Your Site Will be Destroyed

My Internet business is in danger of being destroyed by --- Here is the ultimatums given, either I obey or slowly go bankrupt.

Wed, 8 Jun 2011 09:25:38

Ok, the dust has settled after the "Panda Update." has cut my traffic in half, therefore I earn half as much money as one month ago.

There is nothing I can do, is God. Then Google insults my writing, saying I write bad content.

It has taken our company a month to readjust, but what am I suppose to do? It is easy to blame me for having bad content, every writers has self-doubts. My Travel Blog is top 10 on National Geographic,, and about 100 other sites, something is wrong. 

What is the definition of good content for

1. Content that makes Google money.

2. Low bounce rate.

3. Visitors average 3-7 pages view per visit.

4. Time on site needs to be from 3-5 minutes.

5. My site, even though it is 11 years old, originate in days of hand coding of HTML, must look like a Word Press site, or the content is not pleasing to

Content loosely defined is anything on the site, it is not writing, content is photos, flashing lights, anything that is added to the page.

This has nothing to do with writing, any product selling site buying adwords will obey the rule above without a problem.

Why am I angry?

1. If I write a great Travel Blog post daily, and the reader read it, stops, and waits for tomorrow new post. ---- I get a bounce.

2. If, I put photos up of sexy girls in bikinis, one after another, and a person clicks, next, next, next, I get my page views. This is easy, its is not writing, it is just selling sex, drugs and rock and roll, nothing intelligent, but I get my page views.

--- If I put the photosl on one page for the convenience of the reader, I get a bounce, no page views, and I do get my mandatory 3-7 page views per visit that says to the Google bot I have good content.

- Inconvenience to the reader makes Google happy.

3. The absolutely best pages on my site were taken from 3-5 rank down in rank - nothing to do with good writing, the whole site is judge because I have a site that is 11 years old and does not look like a Word Press. They want a pretty face, I am punished for working for years on my site.

4. If I tell the truth, explain real life, it is not as pleasurable as lies told about sunsets and insanely stupid things, it is a bounce.

--- I am forced to write stories at a third grade level, that a third grader would enjoy and give photos to the same type of person.

Bottom Line

I must spend my whole time gaming my readers into looking at photos, playing on the site and never ever write something whereby some reader would leave. The quality of my topic, the writing all suffers, and I am ashamed what I would write. I must obey or go broke, now or later.

--- I must split up all articles into 5-10 pages, so Google has more chance for readers to click on Adsense. (Paginate rules the net.)

If a University Professor writes the world's best article about Anthropology and it he does not put beautiful photos, nice graphic, great CSS, he or she will never be found in the search by a young man in the mountains of Nepal who is desparate to learn.

Facebook is easy to find, true knowledge is hidden.

Sadly, the distribution of knowledge is now down to the third grade level, where people that love Facebook win, and any serious writing has no value.