PHP Script that Allows Visitors to Leave Comments

Here is a simple PHP script recommend by a friend that allows readers to comment below a page and than edit in the admin area. Comments

"GentleSource Comments is a PHP script that can be included in existing websites and allows the visitors to leave comments on a page. The comments can be edited and deleted in the admin area.

Once the script has been installed, it can be included it in any existing PHP or HTML page. By default the script shows the form fields "Name", "E-mail", "Homepage", "Title", and "Comment".

In order to prevent the script from being filled with spam, you can activate the various anti spam features like Akismet, Captcha, IP and content block."


If you are using this script, please explain the pros and cons.

Thank you, Andy Graham


I use it. Works great except the spam blockers do not work very well.


I'm programming in PHP already 2 weeks and have problem with organization of scripts for my website. Where i can find guide to this?


on the off chance that you need to enable guests to your site to transfer documents to your web server, you have to first utilize PHP to make a HTML frame that enables individuals to indicate the record they need to transfer. In spite of the fact that the code is altogether amassed later in this article

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