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Layouts For Web Page

What is the best layout for a web page? Please add opinions to people understand how to layout a page to best serve their goal.

Sun, 23 Jan 2011 03:05:54

The layout of the web page you are presently one is what we consider to be the closest to perfect after 12 years of experimentations.

This page is designed for the future, when 90 percent of pages are seen on a Smart phone. Generally, a smart phone reads the header first, left column, middle column, right column and footer last.

We have a Javascript Header and an HTML footer, the rest is complicated content management system, but you can do this type of page win any WYSIWYG web design program.

Warning, Google rewards unique pages that are hand made with better ranking, and punishes content management systems or database sites.

This translated means, a Wordpress Blog is a problem, we have our own content management system because we want our rank higher. This is all database driven, and this is a problem, but we continually try to make the code closer to hand written HTML.

Ask questions and I will reply,

Above the Fold

Pay special attention to what is "Above the Fold" in your page. The top of this Newspaper is going to be read more than below. Above the fold is the area you can see without scrolling the page.

Thank you, Andy Graham


Layouts For Web Page, above the Fold will get more traffic than below.