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Google Authority Mind Map

Various people have used Mind Map programs to create maps explaining relationships that uses to say your site has value.

Fri, 4 Feb 2011 07:41:52

There is a software program called that allow you to create a map with many branches to explain relationships.

Below is an EXAMPLE of a Mind Map:

 Example of Mind Map

Various people have created Mind Maps that help to explain what relationships you need to create with other companies and website that would give you authority with

Example: If your site has an page, then Google would give your site higher priority and we assume higher rank. SERPS

There are external links below to help you further research this and understand.

This is a direct link to a Google Authority Mind Map.

For further more specific help, I am attempting to make a todo list of specific actions or task needed to be completed to allow your site to have maximum authority.

Google Authority Mind Map Todo Checklist

Google Authority Mind Map