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Content Farm

What is a content farm and how to avoid being one by accident - What is a good page, and what is just fluffy content to make money?

Wed, 9 Mar 2011 21:16:42

What is a content farm and what is not? For years webmasters have said,
"content is king."

Content is king because a search engine indexes the words, therefore the more words the better. Then if you put them in the proper order, the proper density, the correct format you can rank higher and receive more traffic. Many smart people jumped on this idea, learned SEO and found ways to create mass amounts of pages or content cheap. They created farms where they grew content, with the various goals, but often money drove them to create incredible amounts of low content pages. These pages clutter up the Internet and it now requires readers to search more for good quality pages.

Signals you are on a bad Content Farm

  1. No Author Name
  2. Money is the only motivation site
  3. Tricky advertisements that you can click on by accident.
  4. Content with no specific advice given, a fluff article, after a reader is finished, they did not learn anything.
  5. Scraper Sites
  6. Sites geared toward search engine users, the majority of traffic comes from search engines.
  7. Low quality content
  8. Low paid labor force
  9. Extreme SEO or optimized.
  10. No editors, there is nobody slowing down or instructing writers to stay within proper bounds.
  11. Repetitive word uses to get keyword density.
  12. No linking out
  13. Low level of reading skills needed.
  14. No links to sources or other resources
  15. Redundant writing

Travel Theme Content Farms - These are types of pages that are slowly cluttering up the Internet and could receive severe lower ranking by search engines.

  1. Hotel site where a Hotel information is shown, however no way to discover the price.
  2. Repeat articles or redundant articles about the same travel destination.

Examples: Note, please take great care here, some of the sites do have some extremely high quality specific pages, I feel or believe it is the allowing of bad content that causes you the problems.

  1. Demand Media

Signals you are not on a Content Farm

  1. Original content
  2. Teach Readers
  3. Readers Learn
  4. Guru Sites
  5. Research
  6. In-depth reports
  7. Thoughtful analysis

 Spinning Articles problems: --- You could be a content farm if...

  1. Writing about Bangkok Thailand in 20 different ways.
  2. Allowing writers to publish nice articles that are spins of other topics on your own site, just another opinion of the same idea, not truly unique, and full of clichés.

Questions for readers: This site is for research, therefore we often request reader assistance.

  1. Here is an example of a very good article about Baggage Fee for airlines. However, what they do is show 10 separate pages, they paginate each topic, this requires a reader to click next 10 times and see 10 separate advertisements.

    Is this page a negative or positive example of Content Farm?

Thanks, this page was started by Andy Graham - March 2011 in Dakar Senegal, if you believe you can add good ideas, please either make comments or ask for permission to edit.

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