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How to Use Freedom of Speech Press to Stop Airline and TSA Abuse?

How to us freedom of speech, and press to stop injustice, corruption, abuse, simple steps on how to document, and bring shame down on their families.

Spirit Air Abuse of Andy Lee Graham Sharry Graham


"Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed."
- John 3:20 Christian Bible New International Version


We as Americans believe in freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. However, understanding why these rights were so important the founding fathers is elusive. How does freedom of speech, or press help us as Americans to be free? How can we use these freedoms to stop injustice?

This is my ongoing story of a real situation that I, Andy Lee Graham a travel journalist experienced. And by example we can learn how to stop injustice by using freedom of speech, and the press to force the government to work correctly. The airlines, and airport security need to be held accountable for their actions. We the people can force Airlines, TSA agents, and airport police to be responsible for their actions, it is our responsibility, the people to work for change.

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If you wish to be anonymous, write Andy Lee Graham at hoboontheroad AT yahoo.com, replace the at with @.

Benefits of freedom of speech, and press:
- What is justice, what is right, what needs to be exposed to the light of day.

1. Shame people into stopping behaviors, in the end, people stop abusing others when exposed to the public, and their family, friends, and associates shame them.

2. Expose illegal behaviors.

3. Make change happen in companies, or within governments.

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First: Explain the injustice?

I, Andy Lee Graham with my Mother Sharry Graham were abused Friday, January  16, 2015 on flight  409 from ORD - Chicago, IL - O'Hare leaving at 5:30 AM to Fort Lauderdale, FL arriving at 9:38 AM.

Flight attendant was annoyed when I made a video, she reports to pilot, the pilot calls the ground police to meet me in the plane The officer, Donald Randolfo says the stewardess says I have been making videos of the captain, and the front to prepare an attack on the plane.

The Spirit Air Pilot calling the Fort Lauderdale Airport Police on me was only for harassment, and their actions despicable, and ultimately dangerous to the plane, and the lives of the people on the plane.

This is a 100 times more dangerous situation than just a old woman calling to complain about a dog barking.

 I truly hope that Homeland security take this type of call seriously.

Pilot calls,

"XXXX femail flight attendant says a  man on the plane making videos to track the behaviors of pilot, and crew."

"Investigate, and meet in the plane on arrival."

We would hope the person receiving the call would say,
"Which seat number?"
Then do an extensive investigation immediately.

Please note here, it is close to impossible to find out the names of the crew, or names of security inside an airport. We may need a court order to get this done.

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Documenting what happened?

Andy Lee Graham with my Mother Sharry Graham was abused Friday, January  16, 2015 on flight  409 from ORD - Chicago, IL - O'Hare leaving at 5:30 AM to Fort Lauderdale, FL arriving at 9:38 AM (? At terminal 4 ?)

Donald Randolf, or Donald Randolfo - ? Security person came into plane.
Need to discover exact name, as I am confused, they removed all ways of documenting this experience.

Name of Spirit Air Pilot for flight that called the police?

Name of female flight attendant that reported to pilot to call, and coordinated in the plane the actions of Donald Randolf.

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Make a list of questions:

Telephone numbers of Fort Lauderdale Airport?

Where can I file complaints?

Who is Donald Rondolfo working for, and who is paying his salary?

Why do I pay security fees on my ticket?

Collecting Information:

Public records
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_television_stations_in_Florida

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Writing the Story to Distribute

You can use the CNN ireport page as a strategy.


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Where to submit, post, or publish?

1. Forums




Press Release

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Where to file complaints?

Annual Report on Disability-Related Air Travel Complaints dot.gov






If your complaint is safety related, you need to address your concern to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) at:

Assistant Administrator for System Safety ASY-100
Federal Aviation Administration
800 Independence Ave., S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20591

Slideshow: Around the World You can also contact the FAA by phone at 800-FAA-SURE (800-322-7873).

If it has to do with security, it should go to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) by phone at the TSA Contact Center (866-289-9673) or by e-mail at tsa-contactcenter@dhs.gov

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Should an Attorney be Involved?

Is there need for punishment?
How do we evaluate this?
Is this a criminal, or civil problem?
Is this just a case between Andy and Spirit, Police, or is the whole plane load of passengers involved?

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Pros and Cons of Public Example of Problem:

Pros: You can find other people with same problem.

Cons: Many people will rant for or against about subjects.

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Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham
9545 West 120 # 26
Orland, Indiana 46776-0026

hoboontheroad AAT AAT yahoo.com

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