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Scavenger Hunt in Tarso Hotel in Ho Ghana West Africa

February 14, 2011 the Hunt Begins - Win 100 US Dollars by finding a Tigo Cell Phone hidden in the common area of Tarso Hotel - Ho, Ghana of Volta Region.

Sun, 6 Feb 2011 22:05:00

Win 150 Cedis or 100 U.S. Dollars by finding a Tigo Cell Phone in the Tarso, Hotel,

Hobo Scavenger Hunt.

There are two prizes to win a Tigo Cell Phone and 100 US Dollars.

1. Tigo Cell Phone in the Hotel

2. 150 US Dollars to anyone who make a video of the Hotel with these four things in the video. 

A. Person who found the phone.
B. The Tarso Hotel sign in background.
C. The person who is uploading the video shown in the video. 

The Hunt has CONTINUES: February 20, 2011

Clues or Hints:

1st Hint: The Tigo Cell PHone is not in a Hotel Room. - February 14, 2011
2nd Hint: If this worked, a person could sit on it. - February 20, 2011
3rd Hint: Look up - March 3, 2011

Tarso Hotel in Ho Ghana

The Tarso Hotel is located in the center of Ho and you can rent room as of 2011 starting at 12 Cedis for a shared shower, or 18 Cedis and up for self-contained. To find in Ho, tell any collective taxi driver to take you to "Tarso Hotel," the cost will be 45 Pesewas

Please say hello to the two girls who manage the reception area, Ivy and Forgive, please say Andy, the Yevu from USA says "Hello."

Scavenger Hunt in Tarso Hotel in Ho Ghana West Africa