I Am Pregnant Scam

The "I Am Pregnant Scam" explained, how a possible girlfriend sucks cash out of a man.

The " I am pregnant scam": First step: the girl wants to make you trust. Thats why, they demand a "HIV-test". That has nothing to do with her fear, that you´ve AIDS. She wants you to trust her, that he hasn't AIDS. Now, you are sure, that she is sane. After that, when you've have sex and you're in a weak situation, she will ask you to sleep with her without condom. So now, you're in the trap. After a certain time (when from the medical point of view, a pregnancy test makes sense), she will tell you, that she has a child of you.
This will be, when you already left somewhere else. I am sure, even after leaving, you will stay in contact with her. Then, in a very, very subtle way, she will demand money for the child. She will never demand directly. No, they have very subtle tactics.
OK, Andy, these are my experiences, just wanted to share it with you.
Be careful in Cote d´Ivoire. West Africa is the origin of voodoo, these tricky religion is deep in the society, its part of it and some of west African behavior goes back to voodoo.

Sat, 19 Feb 2011 04:45:43

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