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The First Rule of being Savvy is Knowing When you are Not

A savvy traveler must know their limitations, but how does one know when they are not using common sense?

Deanna Troi

"Deanna Troi in Star Trek was an empath."

The first rule of being savvy is that you must always know when you are becoming unsavvy or your ability to be savvy has left the room.

If you did not understand the phrase,
"Deanna Troi in Star Trek was an empath."
Then you are on unsavvy ground, confusion is your clue, take heed, go slow, and realize you could be bamboozled into something nefarious.

Renting a Hotel Room in Las Vegas on
(A place which loves unsavvy people.)

I went on line to and purchased a Hotel Room reservation in Las Vegas yesterday from October 26, leaving on October 29. Before I purchased the ticket, I called up my friend Jeff and asked for recommendation and wanted to know a street or location close to his house. There is not much point in visiting a friend and living an hour away, I would hope that is common sense. is a good booking engine for airfare or hotel room, and I am amazed at the levels of sophistication built in to their system. I can filter out unwanted or wanted information in many ways, it is quite amazing.

However, my Betazoid half of my mind was kicking in, this reservation system is made for the savvy to get rich, and the unsavvy to go stupid quick.

It is easy to become confused, and the moment I become confused, I know it is 10 times easier to make a mistake or unsavvy decision. It would feel to me reasonable to say, when you feel confused, your common sense is impaired. 

I enjoy a good puzzle, and for sure buying a plane ticket or renting a hotel room is a good puzzle, truly a great way to make bad decisions fast, to go stupid fast.

I am relatively sure I made a good decision, but only time will tell, I paid 81 dollars for three night, one was Friday, that drove up the per day average.

However, when I get there and see the fine print, then I will know, it is amazing, the hotel I am going to stay in charges one dollar per minute for Internet. I am hoping to use my new 3G Kindle Keyboard to access the Internet and bypass the truly stupid price of one dollar per minute. The Kindle 3G Keyboard cost 139 USD, it would take a couple of hours in that hotel to recoup my cost.

Solution - When you feel confused, go slower until you are not confused, if you feel impatient, stop all together and quit the game.

What is a Betazoid? Do you care, I see many a person that is too busy to care, I would say, when you are too busy, you are outside the box, you are unsavvy.


The First Rule of being Savvy is Knowing When you are Not, go Betazoid now. title=