Pay Extra Attention to Mocked and Misunderstood People or Ideas

Savvy Travelers with common sense ear perk up when they hear mockery, because incredibly intelligent people and ideas are mocked.

I have made a commitment to myself,
"I will study body language one hour per day."

Because 50-93 percent of communication is by body language, and only by learning this language can I understand and empathize with humans on planet earth.

Paul Ekman one of the principal researchers of body language list many "Universal" looks on faces. These faces are shown the same in all cultures:

Contempt is one of them, and if you look up the word mockery in the dictionary, it is defined and related to contempt:
Mockery Defined: insulting or contemptuous action or speech : derision

I have been paying attention to mockery for years, it is one of the basic ways of communication by less civilized cultures or people, and can be dangerous for me as a traveler. People who believe they are superior do not feel remorse in harming people they consider below them or contemptuous.
(Sarcasm, "Taking the Piss by the Brits,")


Contempt on the face of Michael Moore, maybe a look of mockery. Tim Roth Contempt

This is Tim Roth, the main actor in the now canceled television show called "Lie to Me."

Contempt by Jack

Jack Nickolson with his classic look of mockery.

This video clip from the movie a "A Few Good Man."
"You Can't Handle the Truth" show how Jack has contempt.

Who or What is the Subject of Contempt.

Who or what is the subject of Michael Moore's contempt?

Tim Roth in the show "Lie to Me" has contempt often.

Who or what is the subject of contempt by Jack Nickolson?

Fred Wilson Wrote today about Mockery and Misunderstood.

Fred Wilson a VC, Venture Capitalist write a daily letter, I am subscriber, today he wrote about about "Mocked And Misunderstood."

When people ask me, "how do you know which companies and services are going to be the biggest successes?"
- Mocked And Misunderstood.
- Fred Wilson

Mockery is music

Mockery is Music to the Savvy Person

Great ideas are mocked, because they are not understood.

Truly intelligent people are mocked, they make others feel stupid.

Therefore, I would advise people not to the person doing the mockery, not to the person who has a face of contempt, but to the recipient.

Intelligence and savvy decisions are normally held in contempt, and only a few people truly enjoy the benefits, great ideas are only for the few, not the many. 

List of Feelings Expressed Universally on Faces by Paul Ekman













Pride in achievement



Sensory pleasure


Contempt Defined: Contempt is an intensely negative emotion regarding a person or group of people as inferior, base, or worthless

Mockery is sure sign someone feels stupid. title=
Jack with Contempt
Contempt face on actor lie to me "Tim Roth."
Contempt on face of Michael Moore.