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My Mother in the USA is Savvy When Buying Turkey

The world has becoming baffling complex, my Mother here in the USA is savvy and knows how to use common sense, she does not just agree to pay money.

Turkey in USA

My Mother here in the USA has tons of savvy. The other day my Mother and Father returned from Walmart where they purchased three turkeys, and my Mother instantly told me a story about the purchase.

This is the story I want to hear from a travel companion, or a potential wife, this is a sign of being savvy, of having good common sense.

My mother sees this tag on the turkey for 1.68 per pound.

There was a special price tag in front of the turkeys for I think 1.38,

However, because the tag said 1.68, my Mother became savvy, and asked one of the workers to guarantee the price was 1.38 before she walked to the checkout. A worker comes over, with one of them bar code machine, and say, yes, the price is 1.38.  However, my Mother and Father get to the checkout, and the machine racks up 1.68...

Now, three turkey, 10 pounds per turkey, this is about 3.00 per turkey, she can save 10.00 USD, this is worth the hassle. My mother has patience, she make the checkout person correct the price. (Math skills, a lost talent in the USA.)

Savvy requires patience, and persistence, my mother has that.

Savvy requires a person continues and persist until they understand.

Savvy requires the person sees the righteousness of being correct, and does not feel their self-esteem is question. What I mean is this, low self-esteem individuals do not want to be tested, either right or wrong, they just go along so they could not be proven wrong.

My mother is not afraid to be wrong, this is savvy and common sense, to error on the side of caution.

Good job Mom, I am proud to you son.

My Mother in the USA is Savvy When Buying Turkey title=