CIA Agents Have Travel Protocols, Not Goals

One day you are wimp, a coward, and the next day you are the hero of your life, living the dream, the Jason Bourne of travel. This dream is real.

You can save thousands of dollars on plane tickets and travel to exotic places if you learn to follow the protocols of heroes.

Sometimes, one word can change your life. What is that word? Yes!

 Spy Travel Craft

The world is only one step away from you. Your dreams, your hopes, your fantasies and everything you ever wanted in life are in reach. ...

Would Do Heroes Say?…

… Do you imagine James Bond would say …

… Or Kiefer Sutherland in the TV show, “24,” say …

… Or Tom Cruise in the “Mission Impossible” films say …

… Or Jason Bourne in “The Bourne Supremacy” whine …

… Or how about the real Massad, breaking all the rules – Would they say …

… Or for that matter, the CIA or Secret Service say …

"I am too busy!" … Of course not!!! They say, "Yes!"

What are my protocols?

Today, I am in the USA. Tomorrow, I will be on the other side of the world. This is not a joke. It is my life; it the lifestyle I chose. I did not accept a job. I am living the life I designed. This is a possible, realistic dream.

Be Goal Orientated

The words we allow to come out of our mouths define us. We can only become what we say. We live and die by the words that erupt from our mouths

I am always searching for the words that will change your life and allow you to come out and play because I truly believe we have only one life. And, sadly, I am 100 percent sure that 99 percent of you are not the hero of your life.


Covert Affairs

I download three seasons of the television series, "Covert Affairs." And for the last week, I have been watching them in succession. In the show, there is this blind guy named Auggie who keeps saying to Annie, the heroine of the show:

Use your resources and protocols.

Fun stuff, inspiring, and “good fun,” as the Brits say, or “brilliant.”

Today, I want you to step out of the box, unwrap your mind, and think to yourself: “Do I have goals in life?”

Big deal! Who cares? These are just nice things you say during a job interview. You learn to say, "I am goal oriented." They’re just buzzwords and platitudes, plain old clichés.

I wrote earlier that you are just one step, one word away from being the hero of your life. Sometimes, it is time to stop using clichés and buzzwords, and instead, as Auggie says, 

Use your resources and protocols.

Do you have a strategy, a plan, a step-by-step guide? Do you know the protocols for achieving your goals? 

It’s time to go to step two in the big game of life and use your resources and protocols. Stop just telling us your goals – achieve them.

There are the lurkers and the players; there are the talkers and the doers. You can talk the talk OR walk the walk. I made very simple video in Bangkok, Thailand, explaining why my life is different and my message, my dream, for all members.

Fear Based Lifestyle

I enjoy seeing this bottle on the belt straps of other tourists and travelers I encounter in my world travelers. The video in the members area explains why. So, log in now to see it.

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Use your resources and protocols and get to Novorossiysk.
I do not give a shit who your hero is, but I want you to succeed in finding your happiness.