Video of Police Arresting Haitian People in Sosua Dominican Republic on January 11, 2012

The police or politur of Sosua, Dominican Republic went around arresting the Haiti people living in Sosua on January 11, 2012.

Video of the Sosua, Dominican Republican Police driving around in trucks arresting Haiti people in Sosua. It is questionable what they are doing, I do no believe they deport them. They collect them, take them to the Police Station and then wait for them to pay big question fees to be freed.

I see this as 100 percent corruption, nothing more, just a way to make money for the local Sosua Police.

I would have no problem if they deported them, or attempted to do a sustainable solution. It is more or less just grabbing them to make life hard for them, and enriching the pockets of the local Police.

To perform a function like this, with no change is abusive.

I believe these Haiti people are legally in the country, they came across by paying maybe 3000 Pesos. They stay here, but have trouble arranging an identification card called a "Cedula," and are always being questioned by the Police.

The government of Dominican Republic is not trying to make a comprehensive plan that would work. Instead just continually harasses the Haitians.

There is no probably reason to arrest them, other than they are blacker than the local Dominican Republic Mulattoes.


Haitians Arrested


Do they treat the Venezuelans different from Haitians


From your experience who is more trustworthy there the Haitians or Dominicans. And what's the difference I'm there personalities


Haiti is basically a African culture, 95% black, primarily came to the island as slaves
On the Dominican Republic side, They came to the island as conquerors, pirates, Release from jail to come work on the island. the Caribbean islands are pretty much settled by kind of a pirate mentality, if I can take it, I will take it. Pirates believe that if they can get away with it they will do it. Dominican Republic people have gun, and it's sort of a use them. Now, is it cultural bias, white people normally go to places where there's more white people. Therefore, the Caribbean islands often developed where there were more whites, tourism thrived. I don't like it, I don't want it, but the truth is most are more whites, the black Americans, that come down from the East Coast, don't want to go to Haiti, yes you have a couple, but mostly the white go to Haiti. It's a very poor country, extremely dirty, and not a great place for tourism, plus it's more expensive than the Dominican Republic. People don't brag about going to Haiti, and tourism is about going home and bragging where you went. It's only my opinion, but I spend months in both countries and the common people, of Haiti are much safer than the common people of Dominican Republic. Do I care if anybody agrees, know everybody must make their own path. Yet, people are often afraid of Black people, I could care less what color they are, I only care about their culture, I don't know hang around with inner-city gang members. the films in the United States make it appear that anybody black, is the same as the inner city film stories. Mike person were never supposed to admit that we are afraid of certain gang like mentalities inside the United States yes, I personally have nothing to do with them my life is over for the situation. Yep the culture of Haiti doesn't know anything about gang mentality. but the inner city gangs of Dominican Republic, return here often to do debauchery Everything you read, everything you see It is some sort of Twisted delusional story we tell ourselves, tourists are delusional in thei beliefs, they make films, internet, reviews, gossip more important than real experience. They read, and they go find it.

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