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Save The World And Get A Tan At The Same Time

Save The World Organizations should get tan.

Tue, 5 Feb 2013 07:30:53

Why are NGO’s Volunteers so WHITE?

We are all emotional, mental, physical and maybe spiritual in nature, this is the human condition. Generally, for odd reasons humans deny they are animals, trying to emulate machines. This does not compute, it is illogical, I am an animal, and this is what makes life fun. The boring time of day is from 7:00 am until 5:00 pm, the exciting time of night is after 12:00 midnight.

I realized I am 90 percent diurnal, and 10 percent nocturnal, which is almost opposite of most travelers in Africa.

Most appear to be 30 percent diurnal, awake during the day, and 70 percent nocturnal, awake during the night.

This was obvious in Atakpame, Togo, if I stopped in the Miss des Miss bar at 10:00 PM, then there was a regular white people crowd, and I seldom saw this group during the day. In fact, I saw almost no whites in Atakpame during the day.

I seldom see white people in the mornings in Africa, mostly after 5:00 PM at night, but hard for me to see, I do not go walkabout then, maybe I eat, but not a time to “promenade.’

I do test the waters to see what the other White are doing?
(Note, there is about 1 in 1000 tourist in Africa that is Black, unless he or she was born in Africa.)

I think tourist staying up all night is ok, exciting, and probably a great way to have the most debauchery for the buck, It is not what I do, I am normally watching a movie, but I cannot be bothered to make friends who never are awake during the day.

But what about the ONG - NGO’s?

What is hard to understand for me, and just feels 100 percent unreasonable is this. I cannot believe how WHITE some of the WHITE are?

I often meet these AIDS workers, of projects for Orphans other nefarious types paid tons of money by US-AID to volunteer, or European Union etc. World Vision, etc, all sucking up, and spending money.

I think they are too white, I am brown, tan, how can they be so white?

People working in Africa are too white.