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Missionaries and NGO's Need to Live the Problems or Go Home

Being a missionary tourist is a perversion that needs to stop, we have enough snobs, the world needs people to experience the real problems.

I only talk about the American culture, why? Well, how can I point at other cultures when there is so much work to do on my own. And it is like this, how can you complain about other countries, there is little hope for them, at least America has a chance to learn the plot.


Missionaries would be entertaining, if they were not globalizing begging, or the suspension of dignity for free money.

We need a Missionary sap test...

Hmm, is sap a word?

Yes, the urban dictionary has the term, but get this, this is truly hilariously a paradox--- let's start though with the definition of "Sap," you know the phrase,
"You are being a sap," what does it mean?

Sap defined: "A fool; someone who is prone to being taken advantage of, or who has been taken advantage of, usually in a situation that is easily perceived by others as foolhardy."

Oops, now I need more clarification on the word "foolhardy." I see clarity as Godliness, the path to serenity, basically when I am sure of myself, when I know without a doubt, and I have not made anyone angry, maybe I am closer to God, or some of the good Gods, something that does not offend. "Ahimsa Ya." that was fun, sort a mix of Sanskrit with Spanish,
"Ahimsa Ya."

Is "Ahimsa" Sanskrit?

Hmm, that phrase was a good one for me, too much fun, yet it is 100 percent clear to me, that learning the word "Ahimsa," and Spanish would help a Guatemalan missionary on the road to "putting the saps in remission," the road to enlightenment. Missionaries come down to Guatemala, they want to help, and they do not even speak the same language, that just is not functional, it fails to function, dysfunctional on steroids.

And, what does "Ya" mean in Spanish, that is a poke, with no remorse learn the language, that would be the start of empathy, or humility.

Dysfunctional is when two people walk around in a room, keep bumping into each other, and pretend the bumping is understanding, and empathy.

Definition of FOOLHARDY:
foolishly adventurous and bold : rash

More or less a "hardy fool" someone who does not give up on being a fool quickly, "they were foolhardy enough to climb the mountain in snowstorm."

This is the great part about sappy Missionaries,
"The person that is taking advantage of them, and making them a sap is themselves, they are totally unaware they are clueless."

And, there but for the grace of God goes I - I want to send Guatemalans to America as missionaries of how to be nice people.

Truly, there is no greater sin than to try to be God, to pass judgment, and make decision that Guatemalan needs help,
"I cannot remember, did Guatemala say, hey send down your saps to help us?"

I was walking by an old lady the other day here in Guatemala, she was the classic old lady here, she had a few too many things carried on her head. And one of the lemons fell off, then went scurrying down the cobblestone road. I took off running, snagged the lemon, and was proud of myself, I am 56 years old man, and was still quick on my feet. Yippee! I picked it up, walked over, and handed it to her. I did not wait for thanks, no comment, because that it was not needed, it was that family thing, we all need to pitch in, we are all in the same boat together. But, she said, "Gracias."

I am always happy when the Missionaries ignore me, this is a good sign, my dyfunctional past is not taking hostages.

God did not send me here to help her, and it is sinful to say,
"Hey woman, you needed help."

But that is what Missionaries do this daily with actions, they give people "vergüenza," and they cannot even speak Spanish.

When a big fat person, arrives in their big fat land rover, that cost more big fat money than the local Guatemalan person makes in 10 years, he or she feels defenseless to fight off the do-gooder. It is better to suck the money out of the saps, while shining them on, and learn to be a good beggar, to accept fate, and to allow, and make it all go global, yes, we need make begging an international right for people on the planet, with no "vergüenza."

I truly believe all missionaries need to go down to the lowest common denominator, they need to travel only on public transport, and live only in the cheapest possible living quarters. There should be nothing that separates, nothing that is obviously different, because to become one, to pitch in, to be part the family, to be a brother, a sister is to all be in this together.
"Missionary Kings, living in Castles..."

Or you can make yourself God, however, I think the job is already taken.

There are 56 year old people who are children, this comedy video below is great, please watch, it is clarity, it is interesting how comedy works, another piece of the pie to understand in my life, before I go out to fix, what is not broken.

Note, before I go, my brother knows I am his brother, I do not need to tell him, but I also know who is not my brother.

Andy Graham on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala 2012


Neil V

Very funny video. I have a friend that likes to visit Central America after he has saved up enough money. When he has saved up enough of his own money, he stuffs a backpack full of Christian tracts and heads south. He rides the local buses, stays in the homes of local pastors or friends and speaks to the locals in the Spanish language. He is taller and whiter than you - A real Gringo (6'8", fair skinned). He is in his 40's/50's and very mature. His average daily expenses are between 10 and 15 dollars - a real spend thrift.

He told me that the reason he visits this part of the world so much when sharing the gospel is the high rate of salvations he sees for his effort. In other words, he is not casting his pearls before a bunch of swines.

Andy, I doubt you have run across him. Think about may last statement.

Why do you spend so much time bashing missionaries? Some are naive this is true and many are young. But what is it about missionaries that so provokes you? Wait, do not answer that it will only result in another rant.

Travel tips Andy, this is why so many come to your site. Insight into the culture and people, this is interesting. Ranting about 20 something year old short term mission kids trying to do some good on a one to two week vacation, please. We've heard this already.

Yes, they do not have enough time on the ground to know the best way to communicate with the people and help, and yes they do not fully understand the people or the culture, but yes, they are trying to help. Cut them some slack.


Excellent article. The secular NGO s tend to lean 'far left' where 'communal ventures' not entreprenurial joint ventures are promoted, the communal ventures almost always fail, since 90percent of those involved get very little out of them, joint ventures, if there is a mutual goal and the companies help to help one another, for example one geek designs websites, while the other does setup and programming, split the profits, the faith based NGO s include 'evangelization' of their clients, while the left wishes peoples minds teh Missionaries want their souls and tithes. US Labor Unions in past have 'boycotted' tourism and the Apparel Industry in Central America only hurting, not helping. One left leaning American I met was actually suprised many older far left persons in El Salvador who were impacted by Civil War 1979=1992 were family oriented, believed in a Diety, many Catholic and socially conservative.

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