Save the World

Save the man in the mirror, then be a good example, that is a great start to making the world a better place.

There are organizations who want to save the world, who sell the people of the world doomsday. Yes, there are earthquakes and floods, but generally the world is in good shape. However, we can always do better, but how is a good question?


Donate to

I wanted to go on record, I Andy Graham of gave 10 USD to on December 31, 2011 for year 2012.

Ecological Fencing For Farming

Example of a fence made from live trees - Ecological Fencing For Farming.

I Asked Jeff a Doctor in the USA for Malaria Help Today

I asked Jeff to help me as Doctor, to be the devils advocate on a Malaria experiment. Jeff is the Doctor who I officiated his wedding in Texas.

I Despise NGO's Now I Find Myself Volunteering For Aid To Africa

As an American, living abroad for 17 years, in 107 countries, calling me a Volunteer, NGO, or even a Travel Writer is an insult, watch your tone of voice.

Missionaries and NGO's Need to Live the Problems or Go Home

Being a missionary tourist is a perversion that needs to stop, we have enough snobs, the world needs people to experience the real problems.

Poverty Takes a Taxi in Guatemala

Guatemala poverty, and NGO's, ONG's in Guatemala.

Save the World

Save the man in the mirror, then be a good example, that is a great start to making the world a better place.

Save The World And Get A Tan At The Same Time

Save The World Organizations should get tan.

The Teflon, No-Stick, I-Refuse-to-Change Cultures

Come to Napa Valley, California, a paradise where people are intelligent, happy and wonderful. It is paradise, the way we want life to be.

Video of Police Arresting Haitian People in Sosua Dominican Republic on January 11, 2012

The police or politur of Sosua, Dominican Republic went around arresting the Haiti people living in Sosua on January 11, 2012.

Video Request to Stop Steel Roof and Clean Up the World

The world is often ugly, for only one reason, the steel roof.

When The Label Of Victim Creates A Victim

Everyone in their lifetime experiences trauma, it’s those conversations that repeat again, and again. When we can feel you’re feeling too much, and we allow you to talk endlessly for 1-2 years. After it’s time to forgive, and forget.

You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

You lied to me. Life does not start at 40. This was just a clever way of saying to me that you refuse to teach me new tricks. You gave up.

List of major Non Governmental Organizations:

1. World Vision

2. C.A.R.E.

3. Catholic Social Services

4. Doctors Without Borders


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