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I Asked Jeff a Doctor in the USA for Malaria Help Today

I asked Jeff to help me as Doctor, to be the devils advocate on a Malaria experiment. Jeff is the Doctor who I officiated his wedding in Texas.

Hello Jeff,
cc. Eric

I am happy to say, Malnutrition is decreasing, people are eating more vegetable, but still not enough. It is sad it is like an epidemic of mis-information by Governments and NGO's

You got 20-23 year old American and European children trying to fix adult level problems, who never ran a business in their life, then trying to tackle the most confusing cultures on the planet, (10,000 years old tribes.).

And, then Africans bosses just do not care about their people, no Chef or Boss would ever lower himself to work with small people.

Mel the Malaria

I am thinking about making an application to Bill Gates Foundation for money to fight malaria. And if you as a Doctor, and your Doctor friends would be the devils advocate, I thi I could save millions of lives.

I know that sounds pompous and arrogant, but some of the the problems here are just too simple to solve.

I am in Kara, Togo, West Africa.

On this page: World Health Organization

Quoted: - IT SAYS
"Insecticide-treated mosquito nets (ITNs)
Long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) are the preferred form of ITNs for public health distribution programmes. WHO recommends coverage for all at-risk persons; and in most settings. The most cost effective way to achieve this is through provision of free LLINs, so that everyone sleeps under a LLIN every night."

They want people to sleep under mosquito nets, and they refuse, they refuse so hard, that in the city Kara, Togo where I am in, it is almost impossible to buy a mosquito net.

But, it is absolutely simple to buy screens kits to cover windows and the pages does not even reference the one solution that the people accept, and are using.

The cost of 1 malaria net is about 3-10 dollars.

The cost to test for malaria here is 1 dollar.
The cost to treat malaria with intravenous serum is 6 dollars.(I need to triple check that.)

7 dollars to treat, and 7 dollar for the net - One saves a direct life, while the other is round robin, and they refuse to use.

American stopped the last cases of mass malaria in the USA around 1955, but DDT was used,and people could read better, and there was one language after WW II. (German language stopped.)

There are about 15 languages in Togo, but 4 major ones, and any person over 40 is almost illiterate, and the chief of police, the mayor probably cannot read faster than an American 10 year old.

I bring girls in my room with University educations and they cannot read fast, they never have read a book in their lives. 

The written word here does not work on signs.
Only the spoken word is understood by the mass public, and it needs to be in 3-4 languages here in Kara.

The number one reason that Malaria spreads is because a person does not have 7 dollars to buy the Malaria medicine.

Then, while infected he or she is bitten by mosquitos, and it transfer to others.

People delay spending money, buying the malaria medicine, getting test, everything to do with the problem until is a major attack by the Malaria parasites. When they have no choice, they treat it.

7 dollars stopping them from delaying going to the doctor, and buying the medicine.

There is also belief that they are immune, or you can become immune, and they take half the medicine, not all the medicine. In general, most people do half measure, not a complete eradication from the body with Intravenous serums.

Pills not the serum.

I had malaria, this is easily cured.

I wrote you a week ago, and was waiting for reply and was going threw a mass mind process of trying to understand real facts, not just what the doofesses say.

I went to 5 pharmacies trying to buy a mosquito net, none in stock, but tons of malaria medicine in stock.

Ok, my friend Nicole says to me in French,
"I have Malaria."
I said,
"Did you get tested"
I am 90 percent sure she lied, and said yes,
Africans people are superstitious like they believe they know, and refuse to pay the one dollar. Why? One dollars is a days wages.
But, Nicoles husband is a Judge, she is not poor,

On and on this goes it is always just man levels of errors in judgements piled on top of each other.

She said,
"sit and talk with me."
I said,
"The sun is going down, the mosquitos swarm at sunset,
"You have malaria."
"I am leaving, you need quarantined."
"Sitting in the room with mosquitos flying around is idiocy."

She would have gone to the Hospital if they gave her free medicine.

Yesterday, as if this was laid in my lap, I was asking the owner of my Auberge where he worked.

He works in the laboratoire at the Hospital, that does the malaria test.

(I think of this as a proof of God, when some reason the solution drops in my lap to an extremely difficult problem.)

I had been avoiding going to the Hospital to ask questions?
It is a HUGE problem to deal with African buerocracies.

Africans are almost violent, and extremely dangerous when they work in Hospitals, or big business, or any boss. Asking questions of a Chief, Mayor, or head of a hospital could get me arrested.

You never question a chief, he is always right.

It takes someone like me, with 15 years of experience dealing with this type of problem to work my way past their no's.

They would just give me lies, and get me out of the office, you are not a doctor, etc. Same as the USA, as if a PHD person reads more than me.

Any human on the planet can read until he or she knows more than a PHD.
Caring always trumps a person who does not care, I care.

I read daily about Malaria, I do not want to get it again, but I also know it is simple 7 dollars and I am finished. 

I have had no side effects, this is from getting half-done pills, or using old methods.

I want to run an Malaria experiment here in Kara.

More or less set up speaker boxes that say in 3-4 languages.

"Free Malaria medicine if you come to the Hospital and get tested."
1 dollar investment if they come.

Patrick, who owns the Auberge Beau Sejourin  says they run 50 test per MONTH. He should know, he does them at the laboratory. I am going there today to try to bleed more specific information.

So, self diagnose is probably another 100 to 200 cases of Malaria.

The delay of getting tested and treated could be shortened from 10 days down to 1-2 days. Which would close the window of opportunity to be bitten by mosquitoes by 80 percent.

Personally, I think they need to spend the night in a quarantined room.

But, for 200 x 7, or 1400 USD, we could develop a methodology to save millions of lives.

Just saving one is worth it.

1. Advertise for free medicine by speaker boxes in 5-20 places.
And signs along with them.

2. Free Medicine for malaria.

3. Test for 1 dollar, the Doctor is free I think, and pay six dollars for the cure.

Patrick the hotel owner is a good guy, he works in the laboratory, I now have a great way to get around the buerocracy.

Please help.

I am always amazed at NGO people, they just put in their time, drink beer, and have fun, as if what they are doing was effective.

And of course, any true researcher, is not really wanting to live in Africa. they send in 20-25 year old people who have no life experience.

Peace Corps etc.

I met the Doctors without Borders in Niger, when there was the epidemic of malnutritions, they were not focused. 

There is a problem of "groupthink."

Andy Graham
+1 260-624-4414 and it reaches me on Skype.

This is my Togo number: +22892940714


Andy, always remember the bane of most intelligent, common sense programs of any kind still revolve around the money.
Of course there are charity groups that money does not matter so much but somewhere lurking in the shadows and often right in your face will be those looking to make a buck off the problems of the world.
I only give to 2 charities (and I admit not a lot but then I don't have a lot) they are for Cancer which I beat already and The Salvation Army which year after year have always given the highest percentage of their income back to where it's needed. Last time I checked they were using over 90percent for helping people in need.
The average American ran charities give back less than 50percent. They hire CEOs and pay them hundred thousand to millions of dollars to run the operation.
Hope it works out for you.


How long does it take to recover from Malaria? Is the cure permanent?


How long to recover from Malaria? For me, it took 2 days, and I believe it was 100 percent cure, it was permanent. There is a window of time, from the minute the mosquito bites me, infect me, until I have taken the cure. This is an unknown time, because we ignore mosquito bites.

My estimate here is 14-20 days open window to infect others.

And, people ignore malaria until there is no way to ignore, they must do something.

I want to attack the "Malaria Window." and shorten the time of infected from 14-20 days down to less than five by paying for the Medicine.

Start this at beginning for dry season and clean Kara of Parasites, then they could do village by village. People moving into areas is another problem, but the delay in getting treatment needs stopped.

Saving lives, is saving lives.


This project would be best to start at the beginning of dry season, where the fewest amount of Mosquitoes would exist for 2-3 months or more:

2 rainy seasons and 2 dry seasons (4 seasons)

April-June: Rainy season

Mid July-August: Dry season (Time is cool and humid: Westerly locally called “mousson”.
Average temperature: 24C)

September-October: short Rainy season

November-March: Dry season. Harmattan is not heavy in the south.

Phil J

Andy this is a great idea. And it is do able at the grass roots level. I agree that it it must be a multi pronged attack. Spray for mosquitos, put up door screens and get the people tested and treated. On going education with pictures is probably a good idea also.
But it must include the locals or it will be ignored. And some advertising to make it the cool chic thing to do will help. A few signs on street corners, and bill boards would help.
I personally would love to help that cause and save some babies lives. All good programs like that start at the grass roots level on the street. This one would work and could easily be started by including local doctors, hospital workers and ordinary people to help.
Great idea.


The written words on signs can only be read by about 20 percent of people. Therefore I would propose putting a recorded message box, that repeats a message in 3-5 language. Kabye,Ewé ,Kotokoli, and French, I think with 98 percent of people could listen an understand a message:
"Go to the Hospital X for free Malaria Medicine."
"Aller a l'hopital pour la midecine libre de paludisme."

Ideal would be in front of the Pharmacies.

I need to find a waterproof, battery operated box, that can play and endless loop message at about twice the volume of spoken words. Where to buy, how much money, how to get to Africa, or where in Africa to purchase, of just good ideas for this.


Chris Larsen, thank you, and here in lies the many layered cake being fed to me, and the people of Kara, Togo. Each one of the links in the step by step eradication of Malaria must be cleaned and washed in direct sunlight.

There were three types of medicine, and she said she had been tested, and I thought to myself, you lie, because it is convenient.

Malaria is a highly inconvenient parasite, it take 100 percent diligence, and people are always 2 steps forward and 1 step back.

Africa Malaria does not need big money, it needs strict thinkers, who are persistent at playing this game of cultural chess. To beat malaria here in Africa is easy, to beat the game of chess, to win against African culture takes master players.

Malaria is easy to stop, stopping a culture from self-sabotage is art.

Phil J

I agree Andy. It just takes getting the people informed and motivated. The idea of using speakers to broadcast in popular areas like pharmacies or shopping areas is good. I think the technology is out there. It just needs to be found. I have a friend who is an engineer in Texas. I will ask him about the technology.
Count me in. Saving babies lives is a really good goal and is motivation enough for me.
Phil J


This is part of the crazy problems of Malaria. If you ask a person here, have you had malaria? They will say, many times, but maybe they never had a blood test to prove it, because the just think they had malaria.

These photos are proof of one basic problem, mis-diagnosing Malaria is a big problem. The bigger problem is taking half the medicine needed to kill the Malaria parasite, and in a way the parasite hides in the liver, or other organs, then resurfaces later, or much later.

Test the blood in a laboratory, then give them 3 bags of serum intravenously, no half measures.

A demain, je allex a hopital, et parlez avel les gens qui travaillent dans le laboratoire pour Paludisme.

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