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How to Find Cheap Hotels Abroad

Save Money On finding Cheap Hotels Abroad. Travel tips on How to Find Cheap Hotels

How to Find Cheap Hotels

Insider travel tips on how to negotiate the best rooms in the Hotel, this is an art, a person needs to empathize with the management of the Hotel, they want you to commit to pay money for the benefits, and you want to commit as little as possible. Compromise is needed, however the bigger the commitment the bigger the discount.

WARNING: Presently the Internet is only used by small hotels to double their income, to get a reservation over the Internet will normally double or triple the cost. In five star hotels in New York city it can cheapen the cost.

The Internet reservations work almost only for Five Star Hotels

Travel Tips on How to Find Cheap Hotels

  1. Arrive before 12 Noon at your Hotel, this will let the manager know you can choose any room in the city and they must negotiate.
  2. Offer half the price for a room, then maybe the manager will find that price room for you.
  3. Tell the manager what you want to pay.
  4. Do not get a reservation, this removes the ability to negotiate
  5. Make an offer, then leave the reception area to leave the premises, and see if they come chase you, you need to stand outside to allow them time. Note, a Hotel that does not care in the least, truly is not a caring Hotel.
  6. Wait, the longer you wait, the cheaper the price of the room when negotiating.

Get Extras Included Free

  1. WIFI Internet Access
  2. Breakfast
  3. Transportation to Airport, Bus Terminals or Train Station
  4. Free Tour
  5. Water Bottle, a five gallon
  6. Upgrade, if the Hotel is completely empty, you can get a better room for the same price as economy.
  7. Add a television to the room

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Save Money on Hotel Rooms

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