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Save Money On Airfare

Sat, 7 Aug 2010 04:59:47

How to save money on Airfare as explained by Andy Graham a Professional Traveler.

Save on Airfares

  1. Check airline prices daily with sites that search many engines, for example Orbitz, Kayak or Travelocity for 10-30 days.
    Save: 25 Percent - 100 Percent Example, ticket is 1000 USD, you would pay 750
  2. Check Prices every four hours for same destination - 25-50 Percent Savings
    Save 25
  3. Learn what an Air Consolidator is, and try to buy - 10 Percent Savings
  4. Learn the most common route for plane travel.
  5. Call Joreon Andy in Bangkok and pay 25 USD for advice, this will speed up they buying of planet tickets.
  6. Know you can travel to any destination on the planet one-way for approximately 750 U.S. Dollars, use this as a guide.
  7. Wear a hunting vest, put about 10 kilos of weight in the pockets, this will save on baggage fees.
  8. Learn what a Gate is or Hub

Short Trips in One Continent
- Need to understand that LCC Low Cost Carriers are not always listed in Travel Deal sites
- If the flight is less than one hour, maybe the bus is faster.

Long Haul Flights
- Search for same flights on Kayak or every four hours, this allow the midnight release of tickets to occur.
- Search every day for one-month until an obvious value appears.
- Search all airports within a 3-5 state area.
- Constructed tickets can be cheaper, fly to England, stop for night, then take off for India



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