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Save Money for Travel -- Andy Lee Graham, 100 plus countries, 20 plus years abroad save money on travel tips for airfares, hotels, food, apartment, and taxis etc.

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Collection of money saving tips added to the top of emails sent.

3. "Never look rich, everything cost more." --- Andy Lee Graham

2. Cheapest Sleeps "Hobos, bums, and tramps know where to get the cheapest rooms, food, transportation because they need to live the cheapest." --- Andy Lee Graham

1.  "Save $60 per month -- - Stop having sodas, drinks with meals in restaurants." --- Andy Lee Graham - Nov 12, 2021

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Save Money For Travel - Save Money to Live Abroad

"Travel mistakes cost 100's of dollars."
Saving money is important.

"Live Abroad Mistakes cost 1000's of dollars."
Saving money, time, and energy is critical.

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The best ways to save money for travel expenses by a professional traveler.  Andy Graham has traveled for 19 years and visited 107 countries.  Hotels, Airfares, Daily Expenses, Transportation, Gear, Food.

Note for a World Traveler, the value of 10 Dollars equals one day of my life, if I save 10 US Dollars, I can buy one day of freedom. 10 Dollars I do not have to return to work where the "Modern World is a Hassle," and people treat me with indifference, this is the cost of being alive and awake for one more day in Travel Paradise.

These expenses are daily expenses as estimated saving on a monthly basis, the daily cost will change from day to day on how to save money.

Top List of Ways to Save Money on Travel

  1. Avoid high tourist season for the location.
  2. Check the price of plane tickets 3 times per day for 20 days, you will know the fair price.
  3. Buy one-way airline tickets yet you need an onward airline ticket.
  4. Live where young people live, not where old people live.
  5. Buy a Lonely Planet, Roughguide or Footprint guidebook, the Internet is not the cheapest Hotels.
  6. Always negotiate prices, if in doubt offer 1/2 for any offer made, this saves money daily.
  7. Do not eat in Restaurants, cook in your room.
  8. Do not buy water, to buy water is a compounded money problem, find free water when possible, buy 5 gallons of water, not a bottle.
  9. Package Trips Advertised in Sunday Newspapers.
  10. Make sure all prices are checked with three sources before you purchase.
  11. Pay Andy Lee Graham 50 Dollars to talk with you for an hour as a consultant.
  12. Avoid the "TripAdvisor" recommended places.

Save Money on Travel for Business

  1. Get a corporate rate for you company.
  2. The cost one-way anywhere is always less than 800 Dollars in an Airplane, is the prices is more, the person is trying to get frequent flyers mileage at the expense of the company.
  3. Evaluate the skills of an employee on their budget for travel, tell them you are see if the care about the companies profits.
  4. Work with two Travel Agents, and an odd one, here and there, tell them the tickets you need, always be testing them.

Major Daily Expenses - Save Money on Travel

  1. Live in Hotels where the younger people sleep, they pay half the rent per night, and the same quality and better, the Internet access is always better. 20 Dollars per day.
  2. Do not drink beverages, other than water.
    Save: $3-15
  3. Electric Hot Plate to cook food,
    Save: $2 Day
  4. Use a Lonely Planet Guidebook to find cheap rooms or know the local cost of rooms in destination country
    Save: $2 Day
  5. Water purification drops or boiling water, maybe ultraviolet.
    Save: $1-4 Day
  6. Take overnight bus, because you save on one night Hotel fee.
    Save: $1 Day
  7. Rent rooms in hotels with free water. $1 Day
  8. Travel, or share a room with a friend
    Save $1-10 Day, this can cut the cost of Hotel room in half.
  9. Wash you own clothes
    Save 50 cents USD per day
  10. Eat only 1 sit down meal a day and eat in market for the others, or cook in room.
    Save 1 USD per day
  11. Stay for one month in each location and negotiate a price of room for 1/2 normal price.
    Save: Cuts the price of a room or hotel in half, especially if you will focus on renting an apartment, not a Hotel room.

 Save on Airfares

  1. Check airline prices daily with sites that search many engines, for example Orbitz, Kayak or Travelocity for 10-30 days.
    Save: 25 Percent - 100 Percent Example, ticket is 1000 USD, you would pay 750
  2. Check Prices every four hours for same destination - 25-50 Percent Savings
    Save 25
  3. Learn what an Air Consolidator is, and try to buy - 10 Percent Savings
  4. Learn the most common route for plane travel.
  5. Call Joreon Andy in Bangkok and pay 25 USD for advice, this will speed up they buying of planet tickets.
  6. Know you can travel to any destination on the planet one-way for approximately 750 U.S. Dollars, use this as a guide.
  7. Wear a hunting vest, put about 10 kilos of weight in the pockets, this will save on baggage fees.
  8. Learn what a Gate is or Hub

MORE or Around the World Airfare

Save on Apartments
- If you rent a room by the month at a tourist destination, the cost should be at just a little more than the locals pay. This means four nights in a Hotel would often pay for a whole month.

Save Money on Hotels Strategies 

  1. Reserve a room for first night, walk around before check-out and find a cheaper room.
  2. Find the Internet cafes on a map, then realize cheaper hotels full of you live in this area.
  3. Get on and Expatriate forum, subscribe, and ask many question. The Lonely Planet Thorntree will work, realize in 220 countries on the planet 10 dollars is an ok room, and 20 is excellent.

Safe Money on Hotels Specifics

  1. Arrive before 12 Noon at your Hotel, this will let the manager know you can choose any room in the city and they must negotiate.
  2. Offer half the price for a room, then maybe the manager will find that price room for you.
  3. Tell the manager what you want to pay.
  4. Tell the taxi exactly how much you want to pay per night, and say, take me, but do not pay extra for taxi when he tries to cheat you.
  5. Tell the manage how many days, do not just try for one night, try to learn the week rates.
  6. Do not get a reservation, this removes the ability to negotiate
  7. Make an offer, then leave the reception area to leave the premises, and see if they come chase you, you need to stand outside to allow them time. Note, a Hotel that does not care in the least, truly is not a caring Hotel.
  8. Wait, the longer you wait, the cheaper the price when negotiating.
  9. Stay for a month, you can rent an apartment for about 3-5 days payment in a Hotel for a month.
  10. If you are traveling city to city, look for signs of new hotels in the next city in your trip, this can be a new hotel and they are hungry for business.
  11. Find the center of the tourist area and walk away from it, the farther away, and off the main road is the cheapest rooms.
  12. Do not believe the Internet is the cheapest, this is wrong.
  13. Use a guidebook, the map and the list of budget hotels will help. Lonely Planet, Roughguide and Footprints, the others are steering you to buy big money.
  14. Get Water, Tours, WIFI, etc thrown in on the room.
  15. Smile a lot, make the manager or owner you friend.
  16. If manager is not discounting, ask for owner.
  17. You make an offer, the owner returns with half the difference offer, you make an offer even lower, this disrupts their ability to predict you.
  18. Talk about the prices of other hotels down the street, hotels do not like you going to competition, this tells them you know more than average person.
  19. Do not walk with backpack, luggage or taxi around, walk casually by leaving bags at restaurant with friends.
  20. Load a lot of movies on a hard drive of you computer, then tent a room without a Television.

Save on Food 


  1. Live close to Super Market and eat all but one meal a day from food purchased there.
  2. Buy a hot plate, carry and cook in your room
  3. Stop drinking soda, it is just sugar.
  4. Learn the joys of shopping in fresh food markets, the locals sell for less than the chains.
  5. East local staple foods, you can eat your Pizza at home.
  6. Study on Wikipedia the culture, you can learn which foods are from the country.


Save on Telephone

  1. Do not make local telephone calls, often a taxi cost less than the telephone call, take a taxi and go visit the person.
  2. Use with Internet connection VOIP to call USA, England, Australia etc land line for 2 cents per minute.
  3. Buy a cell phone for 20 dollars, and use a prepaid chip from the country for local calls.
  4. Get a, Vonage, or Magic Jack number and allow people to call you, you will answer on your computer if you have an Internet connection.



  1. Ask on the plane how much the fare is to your destination of people who live in the arrival city.
  2. Do not trust a meter.
  3. Sometime an honest hotel, about 10 percent of the time has a friend to take you to airport, but take care, you must know the going rate.
  4. Do not get into the taxi until you know the cost to destination.
  5. Walk out of the airport to the main road and flag down a taxi.
  6. Walk up to the arrival area of Airport and snag a taxi dropping off a person.
  7. Never take a taxi sitting in a queue or in front of the Hotel, only moving ones, and by the way, the car will be warmer or cooler, and more comfortable.


Secrets of Travel

  1. Smile and be open and honest with everyone, they will be your next solution.
  2. Come from a good family, this will make number one easy.
  3. Be the first to visit a place.
  4. Fear is your  friend.
  5. Money is everywhere on the planet, you will have money.
  6. 6.Change all the time, adapt.
  7. Common sense
  8. Do not try to change people, do not feel sorry for people.
  9. Share your knowledge with everyone that ask, however offer prudently.
  10. Recognize angry people and walk away fast, no regrets.
  11. Do what you like and not the guidebook or other people. 

Thank you, Andy Graham CEO / Owner of and World Traveler

Please submit ideas or comments.

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Save Money on Travel

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