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This is a place to explain an Itinerary or the route you would recommend for a traveler to follow. It is the path that is easy or make good sense to follow, For example I followed a path of flying into Quito Ecuador then went north to Colombia over to Venezuela, down to Manaus, Brazil and then to Iquitos, Peru by boat on the Amazon and then over to Lima Peru, that is a simple way to do the northern part of South America, well this is a page where a tour company could explain their choice, or a travel could say how they followed the path.

There are areas or regions where you travel, first you fly to the region and normally take bus or train between locations. There are travelers paths or normal routes you would take within these areas.


  • Mexico and Central America

  • North America

  • South America

  • Europe
    United Kingdom or Britain
    Eastern Europe

  • Russia or Trans-Siberian Railway to China

  • Southeast Asia

  • China - Japan - South Korea - Taiwan

  • North Africa

  • Central Africa

  • South Africa

  • Middle East - Egypt - Israel - Syria

India and Nepal


The paths is the muse, obsession and mental dwelling of the true traveler, what will be my next trip.

(plural itineraries)
1. list of places to be visited: a plan for a journey listing different places in the order in which they are to be visited
2. record of a journey: a written record of a journey to visit different places
3. guidebook: a guidebook for travelers.

route [root, rowt]
n (plural routes)
1. way to travel: a way, path, or road for traveling from one place to another
2. general course something follows: the course that something follows, or the way it progresses or develops
My career might have taken an entirely different route.

3. regular journey or sequence of calls: a journey somebody regularly makes, especially a set sequence of stops made, for example, by somebody delivering something
Their store wasn’t on my usual route.

(past rout·ed, past participle rout·ed, present participle route·ing, 3rd person present singular routes)
send somebody or something along a route: to direct or arrange for somebody or something to follow a particular course

1. trodden track: a track that has been made by people using it continuously
2. surfaced track: a surfaced track made for walking or cycling
3. course: a route along which something moves
the path of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun
4. course of action: a course of action or a way of living
[Old English pæth . Ultimately from an Indo-European word meaning “to tread,” which is also the ancestor of English find, pontiff, and sputnik.]

lead or take somebody up or down the garden path to deceive or mislead somebody, often gradually over a period of time (informal)
the primrose path an enjoyable, easy way of life considered to be the route to ruin or degeneration

(past trailed, past participle trailed, present participle trail·ing, 3rd person present singular trails)
1. follow somebody secretly: to follow a person or animal either by staying close but out of sight or by looking for signs of movement left behind, for example, footprints or scent
2. sports fall behind in athletic competition: to be losing in a race, match, or competition
3. lag: to walk slowly, usually from tiredness or boredom
4. drag something or be dragged: to be pulled or dragged along, or pull or drag something along
5. drape: to hang, grow, or float loosely
Her curly hair trailed along her shoulders and down her back.
6. tow something: to tow something such as a trailer behind a vehicle
7. ceramics decorate something by drizzling liquid clay: to decorate ceramics with liquid clay (slip) that is drizzled or sprayed on
8. carry weapon in low position: to carry a weapon horizontally or with the butt near to the ground
9. make track: to make a track through a place

n (plural trails)
1. route through countryside: a route through the countryside that links paths and points of interest
a nature trail
2. marks where somebody or something moved: a sequence of marks left by somebody or something moving along a surface
3. hunting scent followed: a scent or track that is followed in a hunt
4. path: a path or track, especially one that has been beaten through a wild area
5. arms bottom of gun carriage: the part of a gun carriage that rests on the ground

path, track, way, road, footpath, route, trajectory, track, footprints, footsteps, paw marks, paw prints, hoof marks, trace, imprints, marks, trail, follow, track, tail, shadow, trace, stalk, pursue, tug, drag, pull, draw, tow, haul, antonym: push, drop back, lag behind, fall behind, straggle, follow on, lag, hang back, linger behind, dawdle, antonym: lead route, circuit, tour, schedule, program, journey, travel plan, trail, track, pathway, footpath, route, way, route, orbit, direction, line, course,  route, road, path, way, itinerary, track, lane course, means, method, way, direction, path, direct, send, move, transmit, channel, guide


Archeology Paths:

Bike Paths:

Gringo Trail:

Party Paths:

Museums Paths:

Monastery Paths: Like in Tibet.

Silk Route:

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