What are the Places to Visit Between Indiana and Colorado on Road Trip USA?

I will leave from Fort Wayne, Indiana on my 2012 Road Trip USA, I have from May 10 to June 18 to make Keystone, Colorado.

I am going to leave Orland, or maybe Fort Wayne, Indiana on May 10-12 and head toward Colorado. I will attend the TBEX Conference on June 15-17th, 2012 in Keystone, Colorado. (Travel Bloggers Conference)

Therefore, I have roughly one month and a few days to arrive in Colorado.

I need places to park my Chevy Astro van, and recharge my car batteries.

What places do you recommend I visit? What are some good tourist attractions? What are the fun cities between Indiana and Colorado. I suspect, I will go to Bloomington, Indiana, then go back up to Indianapolis to take the 70 route toward Colorado, but who knows...? I do not make many plans, they always seem to change, I am Hobo at heart.

Indiana Colorado


Rocks in Quinter, Kansas


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