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What are the Places to Visit Between Indiana and Colorado on Road Trip USA?

I will leave from Fort Wayne, Indiana on my 2012 Road Trip USA, I have from May 10 to June 18 to make Keystone, Colorado.

I am going to leave Orland, or maybe Fort Wayne, Indiana on May 10-12 and head toward Colorado. I will attend the TBEX Conference on June 15-17th, 2012 in Keystone, Colorado. (Travel Bloggers Conference)

Therefore, I have roughly one month and a few days to arrive in Colorado.

I need places to park my Chevy Astro van, and recharge my car batteries.

What places do you recommend I visit? What are some good tourist attractions? What are the fun cities between Indiana and Colorado. I suspect, I will go to Bloomington, Indiana, then go back up to Indianapolis to take the 70 route toward Colorado, but who knows...? I do not make many plans, they always seem to change, I am Hobo at heart.

Indiana Colorado


Rocks in Quinter, Kansas

Phil J

South Dakota may still have some snow or an early snow storm. But you might be able to see some buffalo and eat a buffalo burger. If you go through Nebraska you might check and see if there are any air force museums where you can see some of the aircraft we used in the past. I think Offutt Air Fore Base is in Nebraska. The Strategic Air Command Museum is about 30 miles from the Air Force Base at the town of Ashland, Nebraska. It is close to interstate 80 so you would not have to go far off of interstate 80.
I liked Cody Wyoming but it is a little out of the way for you. I also like Salina Kansas and stopped frequently at the truck stops at Salina. It sounds like you will have a really interesting trip.


I am lighting the inside with 4 battery operated work lights, they have 24 LED with 3 AAA batteries. I will buy a deep cycle marine battery for 68 dollar from Walmart, with will have a switch to connect or disconnect from the alternator. I will also be able to tote this into a house and charge. I will pick up a solar water shower for the top of my van today. If you want fun, search or study the peltier electric generator, I am not using, but would be great for the tailpipe to charge. As these systeme reach fruition, I will make videos, etc. Most are 90 percent done...


Here is lighting system


The Astro van does not have cruise, I was going to price after market cruise control.

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