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Video on How to Park and Sleep at Walmart for Privacy

There is an art to parking your motor home, RV, van in a Walmart Parking lot for the night: How to have privacy?

The first time I parked at Walmart, which was in Kendaville, Indiana, a shopping cart crashed into the back of my van. Ever since, I have learned I need to be careful where I park. At first, I only thought about shopping carts, now I have learned privacy is nice. A van is smaller than a motor home, and ii is a problem to change my pants. Therefore, I choose location with my side door facing away from the main parking area.

Then, there is the problem of car traffic, I must be on away from the main path cars use to enter Walmart.

Then, there is lights, not a big problem for me, but I need to be able to block off all the lights in the parking lot to sleep peacefully.

Are there other problems?

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