Video of Van for Road Trip USA with Advertising on Side

Video of my Chevy Astro with advertising on side done by - Road Trip USA

I am very excited Dan Cameron of Fort Wayne Custom Signs put sign all over my van yesterday. I am now ready to hit the road, there is 90 percent less light on the inside of the van, I now have privacy for stealth camping.

My theory is this: This type of advertising will grant me credibility, authority and serve as way to facilitate trades. I can or could live in a Hotel, Bed and Breakfast or even Camp for free by making a trade. I can trade many things, I can write about the lodging, or I can explain SEO, or even set up a Google Adwords program, there are tons of trade I can make. This advertising sort of serves as a over sized business card.

Thanks Dan, Sue, and Adam of Fort Wayne Custom Signs.


Van Advertiing

I had the advertising done by Fort Wayne Custom Signs, Dan, Sue, and Adam are great fun. Fort Wayne Signs


Bravo Andy! Talk about innovation for a travel hotel room.

Always enjoy your creative antics.


Page Turner

A new country, a new adventure. One day at a time.


You ARE the Master of facilitating trades and such but Stealth Camping might have more luck in the Goodyear Blimp than in the Rolling Businesscard. However, the High Life is always better than the Low Life, so like Tim The Toolman said, "More Power". Looks like fun.

Todo Bien - Suerte.

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