USA Road Trip Temperature Guide, We need 42-73 Degree Nights

What is the best temperature for RV, Camper, SUV, Van, or Motor Home travelers for living?

Jason Odom, in a book called "Vanbode" recommends:

"Avoid places that are colder than 42 degrees Fahrenheit at night."

"Avoid...muggy or humid states... In these wetter places you need a nighttime temperature that is not above 73 degrees.

"In the dry areas like the West, you can sleep well with nightly temperatures as high as 80 degrees."

"Avoid dry places in the West when daytime tempertures go above 90 degrees."

- Vanabode: travel and live forever on $20 a day

Road trip Weather

I am here in Fort Wayne, Indiana, trying to buy a van for a USA road trip. This book by Jason Odom is good, a friend of my Chris sent it to me, and I thank him. The book is loaded with tons of good practical information.

Presently, I have decided to travel the USA by road, then when possible, I will find rooms for 2-8 days, and when I fail to find a room, then I will sleep in the back of the van. This is just a guide... there are no plans....

Note, a flight to Guatemala feels very tempting, where life if easy.

Andy Lee Graham
Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA 


I do not handle the cold well, therefore the temperature is my biggest concern. I think I will be using a 12 volt ceramic heater for warmth.

Phil J

Hi Andy. Guatemala sounds nice. I love Panajachal. I will go back. And stay at the same hotel in the same room if possible. Ground floor was only about 12 feet from wi fi router. I miss the steak grill at night. Pizza was good too. It was a memorable trip.
take care

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